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Review: Bohemian Wrapsody

Northern Beaches Mum Louise decided to trial reusable gift wraps for Christmas this year and she has sent us this glowing review…

Bohemian Wrapsody is a business that makes reusable fabric gift wrap. They are very conscious of contributing to problems which will affect future generations, such as waste creation. These fabric gift wraps and sacks are an amazing way to reduce the amount of wrapping paper you accumulate.

These gift wraps are a great concept. They are great quality, well made and look gorgeous! I love the prints that Bohemian Wrapsody have to offer. They make gift giving a bit more special knowing that you are reducing your footprint and it will last forever. It feels so good using these and not wasting paper. 

If you are conscious of waste creation, I highly recommend you look at these reusable fabric gift wrapping kits for your family.