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First-Time Parenting Tips: How to Make a Child-Friendly House

Being a first-time parent has a unique set of challenges that need to be overcome such as getting used to having a baby by your side and making the most out of your new schedule, only to name some.

But, another important aspect that often gets less mentioned is making sure your home is child-friendly and safe. Now, some parents can?t afford a big home that has a separate children?s bathroom, but with a bit of effort, you too can make your home a happy place where your child can have fun and still be safe from potential injuries. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that:

Childproof your home

The best way to make your home secure is to childproof all the dangerous areas that could potentially cause harm to your child. Safety gates, door locks and knob covers can greatly improve the safety of your home. Also, be sure to put all the cleaning products and cosmetics far away from children?s reach, and of course, don?t forget to use child-resistant covers on your trash cans so your little one won?t be able to get their hands on things that could cause them harm. This is important if you have to leave your child unattended, even though it would be best to avoid that, especially if your child?s just started to crawl or walk.

Use their artwork as decoration

Kids love drawing and paintings, and in this era of tablets and other gadgets, letting your kid use his or her hands to express themselves can be a great way for them to learn and become more creative and observant. Also, using their artwork as decoration can add a whole new dimension to your home and make it look more approachable and friendlier. Besides, you don?t need to limit their art to your fridge, you could even go a step further and frame their drawings for everyone to see. That can also be a great self-confidence boost to your child.

Set up a play area

Sometimes, decorating a child?s room when they?re too small can be too much work, and to an extent, isolating, since you probably want to have them nearby so you?ll be able to know what?s going on. In that case, setting up a play area in the living room or even dining room can be a great alternative. Feel free to get a kid?s tribal rug from Miss Amara NZ that will enrich your space and still be comfortable enough for your little one to play and have fun. Even if you prefer your living room clean, there are interesting ways to store their toys, so they won?t cause any clutter.

Don’t be afraid to go childish

Having a kid means mess, even when you least expect it, therefore embracing the silliness and childishness can surely transform your space and make it look better. Whether it?s allowing your kids to use walls as canvas or adding silly elements such as funny pictures, vases, and wallpapers, all of these elements can help you be less anxious when it comes to keeping your place clean and intact. Kids deserve to have fun, and since nobody likes to spend time at places where it?s forbidden to play and explore, embracing childish and fun decor pieces will bring a lot of charm to your home.

Consider opening up your space

If you have a kid, you probably know how space is crucial to their well-being and development, as toddlers love walking and crawling everywhere without being restrained too much. In that case, having a carefully-made open floor space can help you watch your kids without limiting their movements. Merging room together can also make your home look chic, just make sure to use neutral colors with some extra splash of bold tones, because the best way to make open spaces work is to add some consistency and wholesomeness. 

Kids are supposed to be curious so the best way to let them explore their surroundings is to make your home child-friendly. But keep in mind that doesn?t mean sacrificing the stylish aspect of home decor, as, with a bit of effort, everything can be managed. Incorporating your kids? art and adding silly decor items can add a lot of charming vibes to your space, so feel free to play with different textures, colors, and styles since a well-decorated home should always reflect your family?s personality.

Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls. She?s passionate about fashion, home d?cor and healthy living. Her motto is: ?Live the life you love, love the life you live.?