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How To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

How To Make Bathroom Look Expensive | Northern Beaches Mums

The average bathroom remodel costs around $18,000. Not exactly the kind of money you find tucked away in the back of your couch, right? With an economic downturn on the Covid horizon, we’d understand why you wouldn’t want to spend that amount of money on a revamp. 

Here’s a secret: you don’t have to. You can ‘fake it till you make it’, if you will. There are plenty of tricks to achieve of a luxurious bathroom experience without having to go into five figures. Here are our favourites. 

It’s all about the small touches

The devil is in the detail, as they say. Think about when you go to your favourite posh restaurant or a spa. The thing that really sticks out about the bathrooms are the small touches: fluffy towels, the fancy robes, gorgeous soaps and hand lotions. 

To give your bathroom a touch of luxury, invest in some of the little things. Opt for a nice bath mat, instead of the standard cheap and cheerful from Ikea. Grab a twin set from Molton Brown, and ditch the bar of soap from your supermarket. 

Level up your lighting

We can’t tell you how many bathrooms are let down by shoddy lighting. It’s such a mistake, as it’s a relatively inexpensive way to boost the ambiance of your space. Why do we choose mood lighting for our cosy living rooms, but bright 100-watt monstrosities for our bathrooms? 

Don’t just stick to style, however. Blend aesthetic with functionality, for example by combining extraction and heat globes. Just make sure you can tone down the brightness of each bulb, or have a 3 gang switch for flexibility. Because some days we want to see those wrinkles (so we can use that anti-aging serum on them!), while on others we want that soothing low-level lighting as we take a bath to relax after a tough day. 

Room spray

According to Discover Magazine, our sense of smell is even more powerful than we think. We all assume that humans aren’t very good at interacting with smells, or at least beyond the obvious. After all, other mammals seem to do a lot more sniffing than we do. 

But that’s oversimplifying things. According to a 2014 study, your nose is able to detect at least 1 trillion distinct odours. Smells, therefore, are incredibly important. Why do you think Abercrombie & Fitch douses their shops with room spray? 

Now we’re not saying you should overpower your family with beautiful smells, but definitely invest in a subtle hint of peppermint or eucalyptus, for example. Alternatively, opt for a diffuser or a nice candle. 

Add plants

Plants are perfect for almost any room in the house. They add personality, improve mental health, and make spaces look larger than they really are. And considering many of us have had to spend a lot of time indoors this past year, it’s good to add a little bit of nature to our homes. 

Don’t just buy any plant from your local garden centre, however. Opt for those that thrive in humid bathroom environments, such as orchids, aloe vera, or Boston ferns. With a small double figure investment, your bathroom will look just that little more expensive. Bonus tip: use a pot hanging from the ceiling for that extra luxury touch. 

Silk shower curtains

Hands up if you have a shower curtain that hasn’t been replaced for years. Don’t be ashamed: most of us wait until that thing develops so much mould there’s no choice but to throw it away. It can make even the most expensive bathroom look shabby. 

Instead, go for silk (or a similar substitute) to really add that ‘wow factor’ to your bathroom. Use a cheap shower liner underneath and you’re done. It’s a super easy upgrade that will transform your bathroom. 

Your mirror is more than just a mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, why are you so boring? Most mirrors are just there to provide a reflection, nothing more. But that really undermines just how much of the heavy lifting mirrors can do when it comes to style. 

Our preference goes towards large mirrors that come in a unique shape and finish. Think Moroccan accents with a gold or tortoiseshell material, for example. If you go oversized, a single mirror can become the centrepiece of your bathroom, adding space, the visual attention of most visitors, and an upgraded level of chic.

My bio Susan is a freelance writer. She is interested in writing on various topics relating to home improvement.