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8 Night Time Routines Every Mum Needs to Rock the Next Day

These are mum-proven night time tips to make sure you start the next day rocking like superwoman!

1. Empty the Kitchen Sink

Ask any mum, but seeing a pile of dishes first thing in the morning is more than enough to sour the entire day. It is important that you do something that is not stressful to start the day such as enjoying your morning coffee.

Do the dishes the night before and make it a habit. These extra minutes will spare you a dreadful morning after. So, ?ensure you make it a routine to clear the kitchen sink or at least load them in the dishwasher.

2. Put Things in Away

Being a mum means you probably have one or two little mess makers running around the house on a daily basis. That means a lot of mess to pick up afterwards.

Take a few minutes to put things away, especially from the common areas such as the living room. This will mean that when you get up the next morning, you will not be in a bad mood as soon as you enter the living room.

Get your toddlers to help you out, and make it a game!

3. Prepare Lunch Boxes

No mum likes to rush in the morning. There is already so much to do in the morning with getting the kids ready to go to school, so avoid the morning rush by packing their lunch boxes the night before.

Doing this will save you loads of work and stress the next day. This is definitely a must-have in your night-time routine.

4. Create Meal Plan

Regardless of how good you are at cooking, there is no denying that cooking takes time and patience ? especially if you have no idea what you?re going to make.

Creating a meal plan the night before will help save time.?Create a list of what you are going to make from breakfast, lunch and diner.

5. Lay Out Your Kids Clothes

Save yourself the hassle of deciding on your kids clothes by picking out their clothes the night before. Doing it the night before gives you enough time to make sure you have matching pairs of socks, a shirt that actually fits and pants that are easy to take off.

Lay out what you are going to pack as extras as well. Better yet, pack the extras in the bag right after you select!

6. Make a Habit of Making Lists

If you have never believed in making lists, you are missing out. Make a habit of mapping out what you are going to do or what you have to do. It will help your day become more productive and you will feel great when you can tick things off.

Of course, there are days when things don’t go the way they are planned but the list helps keep most days systematized and productive.

7. Value Me-Time

Your mental and emotional state is as important as your physical state. If you are mentally and emotionally tired, your body is bound to catch up.

So, whether it is an hour by the pool, reading book or a soak in the bathtub, make sure you get your regular me time. If the only time you have is at night, do something that will help you get a good night?s sleep.

8. Get ENOUGH Sleep

As a mum, getting enough sleep seems like such a far-fetched dream. Adults need 6-7 hours of sleep to be fully functional. Less than that will eventually lead to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

You can use this as your Me-Time and enlist the help of your husband to keep watch of the kids so you can sleep in for an extra hour.

If you have never followed a night-time routine, you will find it life-changing when you do.

You don?t have to follow the routine we have in this post, you can come up with your own targeting the most time consuming chores you have on a regular basis.

Try to really take on ‘me time’ – you need to be looking after yourself so you can look after your family!