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Mix, customize or go with the latest trend of polished concrete finishes

The days of concrete floors have long gone and have been replaced by a new culture of mix and customization. The modern culture has brought a new wave to the concrete floor, which is replaced by polished concrete finishes.

This trend not only contributes to the warmth of a house but also adds a contemporary aesthetic touch to the room space. Apart from that, it requires less maintenance cost and polished concrete finishes can last longer than natural concrete finishes.     

The polished concrete finishes that are in trending

A shiny texture with a rug:

Add a simplistic touch to your room space with a massive expanse of shiny polished concrete on the floor. This texture adds a sterile and cold finish to the overall room. You can soften the look of the whole room or you can decorate your rooms with rug furniture. Moreover, it?s best for you if you want to maintain a simplistic style and yet something that gives a sophisticated feel to your room.

The contrast of light and dark:

The contrast of using different colors has been into trending in the modern days, whether be it dressing or designing your concrete floor. This type of contrast adds a crisp and smart aesthetic look to the entire space. It?s best to maintain silver-white polished concrete finishes with black texture on the wall. Also, add some furniture of black and white color as it will add a good contrast to the polished concrete finishes.

Embrace nature with wooden texture:

If you are planning to give a natural texture to your home environment, then nothing is better than wooden polished concrete finishes. A wooden surface will give you the feeling of living in nature provided the walls of the room should also bear the brownish color. You can also install an epoxy coating on your concrete floor to make it chemical resistant.

The raw vibe of industrial style:

Want to give your room the look of industrial rawness? Then this style will give you a raw exposure and a feeling of a warehouse polished concrete finishes. It will also give an unfinished, raw aesthetic to your space. People prefer to install an epoxy coating on their industrial floor because it can protect their floor from scratches and chemicals.

Give a customized outlook to the polished concrete finishes

Dyes and stains:

A standard-grade grey concrete may not always increase the hue of your room space no matter how well-polished your room is. But you can make a difference with it by adding any stained or dyed with any color palette. These will help you to enhance the polished look and feel of the concrete space of your room.

Simplistic and radial lines:

This type of polished concrete finishes focuses on shaping geometric shapes or lines on the floor. It is best for a floor surface with a slate texture. This type of design fits well for those who want to keep things simple. Apart from that, you can also apply such finishes at your outdoor and you can make a contrast by adding this texture with your landscape area.

Draw the border lines:

You can enhance your room space with borderlines which adds a sophisticated touch to your room polished concrete finishes. This customization of style also gives an inherent style of tradition and culture to your room space.

Polished concrete finishes are not just about to keep going on with the trend but also to add a creative touch to your room space. The modern trend offers both standard polished concrete finishes and the option of customization so that your imagination and effort can make you feel like living in a home.