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Planning a wedding as an expecting mum

So you’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant, and your wedding is also coming up? From picking out dresses to booking musicians and the venue, It might seem impossible. Don’t worry! With the help of your loved ones, plus technology (apps and websites that don’t require your physical presents) like the wedding guest dress shop and Zola, the process doesn’t have to be as stressful. We have a few tips to help you get going. 

Before the day

Searching for the dress

You can dress as you like, but an A-line or empire-waist silhouette, which is fitted at the bustline and has more room by the belly, can make baby bumps look exceptionally attractive. The bridal shop consultant will greatly assist in picking the best dress. Let them know your dates, and they will help you find a dress that will suit your body at the time of the ceremony.

Regardless of the style, you choose for your wedding, you will probably feel more at ease wearing airy, loose fabrics like chiffon and crepe. Taffeta and tulle, which are stiff or heavy, can increase your risk of overheating and lightheadedness.

If you got pregnant after buying your wedding dress, instead of corsets or shapewear, which are not recommended during pregnancy, have a large bouquet or get your dress tailored with strategic ruching (that’s if you don’t want your baby bump to be the focus in photographs).

Have a flexible timeline 

The planning process will be different depending on when you conceive. If you are already far along and will be in your second or third trimester by the time of your engagement, you must keep that in mind with the planning. Writing down a clear timetable with tasks, purchases, and pre-celebration plans will help you to know what needs to be done and who can help.  

Rope in your friends, family and fiance

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your loved ones regarding tasks like selecting the venue, wedding schemes and calling vendors. Your mother and married friends will be a great help because they will know and understand how much it takes to plan a great wedding. 

Hopefully, this will be a strengthening moment for your relationship with your partner. Try to play to your strengths, weaknesses and interests. Maybe you have better taste in music, and he has a sweet tooth. You can choose the band or arrangement for the wedding while he goes cake shopping. 

Tips for getting married while pregnant: 

Have snacks and water ready all the time

Sometimes, couples forget to eat on their wedding day with all the busyness. Plan for this by having extra food and water near you throughout the day or assigning someone to remind you to eat at certain times. You will need to stay hydrated and fed to be energised and avoid dizziness. 

Request a special wedding drink

Attending a wedding while pregnant means that you won’t get to have a glass of celebratory champagne like everyone else. Ask for the bartender to make a signature cocktail for you so you can join in on the fun. 

If you’re a third-trimester bride, have a backup plan in case you go into labour 

Be ready for the possibility that you’ll go into labour during your ceremony if your due date is getting close on the day of your wedding. You never know what the baby might do, even with a month or two to go. Know the routes to the closest hospital, and ask a trusted friend or relative to guide the remaining attendees through the duration of the event.