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How to Decorate a Cool Bedroom for Your Teenage Girl

When it’s finally time to convert the children’s room into a teen hideout, you might be wondering how you should design it.?

A teen room is more than just a bedroom – it’s like a little apartment where they can hang out with friends, do school work but also relax and simply get away from the outside world. It should reflect their personality and style while being more mature, but at the same time, accommodate their toys and hobbies from their childhood. Needless to say, for success, you and your teenage girl should work together to find the perfect fit.?

Here are a few decoration tips to inspire you.?

Combat the Mess

Teen rooms are almost synonymous with ?mess,? but that is entirely normal. If you don?t want the situation to get out of hand, though, you should think about storage from the get-go. Dual-purpose furniture can come in handy here: beds with added storage underneath and benches and stools with removable lids are very practical. To prevent mess, you should also get a small trash can for her room ? preferably a nice-looking one!

Display Her Memories

Wall decor is what?s going to give the room personality, so you and your daughter should come up with cool DIY ideas to perk up those empty walls. For instance, if she has a lot of Polaroids and would like to hang them up, you can make a unique photo wall. For this purpose, a corkboard or a magnetic chalkboard is also perfect. Your teen will be able to switch up the pictures any time and even display other mementos, so this is a versatile idea.

Add Hangout Spots

Even if you don?t have too much space at your disposal, thinking about hangout spots is crucial. The good news is that creative solutions will most likely be appreciated by your teen. If you have ample room, adding a bench or a bean bag would be a great idea. Next, add a chunky wool loop carpet to the floors so that they are comfortable for the feet and get a few cozy floor pillows that will instantly create additional seating in case your teen?s friends come over. All in all, it?s a good idea to introduce a variety of cozy textures so that the room is inviting and comfortable. If your teen girl is into a cute style, fuzzy throw blankets, and patterned throw pillows are a must!

Bring in Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting can change the feel of the entire design, and your teen will be really excited if you get them some special lights that will make her space unique. Fairy lights are always a good idea for girl?s rooms ? they create soft illumination perfect for reading or just lounging and browsing the internet. Another cool choice would be a cinema lightbox that she will be able to use to display a message at the same time. In addition, today, neon lights are also extremely popular among teenagers, and a neon sign in a cute shape can bring in an exciting look.

Allow Some Colours

While regular bedrooms might be places of serenity, a teen bedroom is a dynamic, multifunctional space. It benefits from vibrant colours and a fresh look, so you should create an interesting colour palette with your daughter. Even repainting some older furniture pieces to fun colours can be a good idea. Our teenage years are when we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, so even if she makes the wrong colour choice, it?s not the end of the world. You can still keep the overall look classy if you combine, for instance, neutral wall paint with vibrant accessories.

Create a Pleasant Study Area

Your teen?s bedroom should also allow for long study sessions, which means that the desk area is crucial. Make sure there?s proper lighting that creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere, and not too much clutter to distract your teen. Hang a lot of additional shelving above the desk so that all the school supplies don?t take up too much of the workspace.

While designing her bedroom, always keep in mind that your teen?s room is an extension of her personality. She is not a child anymore, so let her have some autonomy in the decision-making process, and she will be sure to love the final design.

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