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Kids Bedroom Ideas: Kids Beds with Storage

Offering practicality and functionality, a kid’s storage bed is a must-have when decluttering! And it’s glaringly obvious that the interior styling Gods have cottoned on to this craze as we are now seeing some really stylish options available in all sizes of kid’s beds.

Whatever the style suited to you, they all serve the same purpose – keeping the mess and stress away!

So, with the practicality box ticked off, you are off to a head start. But it’s often the styling that can trip us all up. With the endless eye-catching options in homewares and accessories, it can be hard to pick a style and stick to it. But if there is one hard and fast rule you should always abide by, it’s to keep your foundations of high quality and timeless design. The folks at B2C Furniture have nailed this brief, offering a wide selection of kid’s beds – the perfect compliments of authentic & hard-wearing materials, paired with fresh, uplifting tones to elevate the mood in any kid’s bedroom.

Here’s why we’re so in love and think it’s right for anybody and everybody:

Gender Neutral – The fresh dual-tone style is not only invitingly easy on the eye, but the perfect colourway for your little boy or girl.

Easy to Style – Forget your worries of your new kid’s bedroom furniture soon being outdated by another passing trend. Instead, delve into the endless styling choices easily matched by the natural wood frame bed and its contemporary white elements. You’ll be dreaming of the extensive colour pallet selection. Feeling a Scandi vibe? Match any soft pastel colours. Feeling earthy? Match with your rusts and greens. Feeling minimalistic? Keep it simple with all white. You get the gist. 

Less Paint, Less Problems – Worried your care-free kiddies will innocently but easily mark or chip the paint? Avoid this with the natural solid timber frame and features. 

Timeless – The stunning, organic timber bed frame isn’t only practical but stylish too! This fresh look will grow alongside your bubba, so forget about the trends changing each season as this style will never grow old. 

How can I incorporate storage into my kid’s bedroom you say?

Small or big bedroom, you want there to be a comforting flow. This can be hard to achieve when you have bulky furniture in a tight space. Tallboys or bedside tables can be a great storage addition, but we don’t all have the space to accommodate them. Rather than investing in bulky pieces, consider a storage bed. Typically, less is more. The more unnecessary furniture we have in a room, the more belongings we end up stacking in places that they don’t belong. 

DECLUTTER – Your kid’s bedroom is all about them, right? Though, it can quickly become about you when you find yourself cleaning up THEIR unorganised mess on a daily. Careful consideration into how to provide suitable storage for their possessions will play an imperative role in how often you find yourself in there picking up the pieces (and stepping on the Lego)

Out of sight out of mind. There are many ways to organise your storage with an easy system which you can teach the kids too! Try and keep the storage tidy and organised, otherwise you end up using the storage as a hoarding place for things that don’t serve you. Make it fun! Use stickers or decals that depict what items go where, as a reference point for your little ones.

Need some tips on how to keep the under bed drawers organised and maximise the space? Tune in to the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you’ll be an expert after just one episode.

Organising your drawers is a minor detail that goes a long way with kids’ storage. How you organise your things depends on what you’re tucking away. We love a Netflix binge and learnt that Marie Kondo recommends the following:

Clothes organise by folding each piece of item (that’s being stored in the drawers)!

Toys/Miscellaneous organised by smaller boxes/organisers allow for the items we find scattered around to have a home – leads to tidiness.

The trick is if you can see each stored item, you are less likely to buy something you already own. Rather than laying unknowingly at the bottom of the pile, where it’s forgotten. Therefore, fewer useless things piled up.

Consider your storage requirements before making your decision on the most suitable storage bed for your kid’s bedroom.

Headboard storage bed – Practical to store smaller items. Can replace bedside tables with things like books and miscellaneous items which are (unintentionally) hidden away in a drawer. Exposed storage is more likely to be organised due to its visibility. 

Storage bed with under-bed drawers – Easy access, especially for younger kids to use. Easy to clean underneath, given the drawers are not attached to the bed.

Gas-lift storage beds – Ideal for minimal space if you don’t have enough room to slide out under bed drawers. Keeps dust away. Makes the best use of storage space as it takes up the whole bed. Suitable for teens, as kids will struggle with the gas lift.

You may not have read this far if you jumped straight into a Mario Kondo Netflix episode or organising those messy drawers… But if you have, then we hope today’s read helped in understanding your storage options for your kid’s bedroom. More importantly, the need for organisation, to help stress less at the best and worst of times.