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The latest findings on the nation’s teeth reveal some nasty downward trends

This dental health week, we can’t deny the truth that poor dental health outcomes are rising across Australia. With results from the Australian Dental Association revealing that 75% of Australians rarely, if ever, floss and 20% of adults brush their teeth only once a day, we shouldn’t be shocked by this ongoing trend in poor oral health.

Simply put, people aren’t prioritising their oral health. Studies repeatedly show that gum disease can increase the chances of serious cardiac events, adverse pregnancy outcomes, Type 2 diabetes and other significant health conditions. Preventative oral health care needs to step up, and in some areas it has. You just may not know about it yet.

Dr Joseph Badr, Founder of Dsmile is determined to improve oral health outcomes for all Australians. “I believe that getting access to preventive services with focus on early intervention and education would put a stop to what is fast becoming an insurmountable problem,” says Dr Badr.

“We live in a country where the federal government spends $10 billion a year trying to fix dental problems, yet the system is broken. With 2-4 year waits in the public system, and with no end in sight, something new needs to be done.”

With this in mind, and his experience with over 20 years practicing oral health, running five clinics and treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr Badr has developed a product that has prevention at its core. It redefines the way people conduct their everyday oral health care, for the better.

Dsmile, is a professionally developed, 3 step approach of brush, floss, rinse for at home oral health care. “Our products are designed not to just change habits, but also change people’s minds about dental care as well. Dsmile is all about elevating oral health in the mind of our customer. It is about establishing a new health ritual.”

With 67,000 hospitalisations for dental conditions each year, which may have been prevented with earlier treatment, the stress on prevention is key this dental health week.

“Dsmile is leagues above the store bought alternatives in terms of design, quality and feel. Our products have been designed and tested over years to deliver the best outcomes, whilst providing the most enjoyable experience. Your dental homecare won’t just be something you have to do, but it will be something you want to do.”

“I have a lot of first hand experience in what therapists recommend and what people actually do at home. It has given me a very strong understanding of what people need to take dentists instructions on board. Dsmile is that solution. It is a human centred approach that aims to make a positive and lasting difference to oral health outcomes in Australia.”

Our mouths are the first part of our digestive system, and our gums are a gateway to our blood supply. Poor oral health allows destructive and inflammatory bacteria to enter our bloodstream, and digestive tract.

Dr Badr is also passionate about providing much needed oral health care and advice to people of lower socioeconomic status. In 2020, he founded the Dsmile Care Foundation which provides free online dental advice to any person that needs it. So far, over 45,000 people have used the service and over 3000 volunteer hours have been dedicated to the Foundation.

According to the ADA, 1 in 7 Australians reported they didn’t see a dentist due to the cost. Moreover, with 50% of Australian adults having attempted an at-home dental remedy and 16% of Aussie males under 30 trying to extract a tooth at home, the need for affordable oral health care and advice is vital.

A simple solution to a very large health problem, Dsmile is attempting to change the traditional bad habits and make a long lasting impact on the dental industry in Australia and worldwide.

“I want to be able to impact and help the 3.5 billion people worldwide impacted by oral health diseases which makes the most non-communicable disease worldwide”, states Dr Badr.

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Dr Joseph Badr studied dentistry at the University of Melbourne, going on to redefine the profession. Inspired by his commitment to finding a better pathway to better dental health, he set out to create an at-home personalised care system that would ultimately lead to improved oral health outcomes and overall wellbeing; Dsmile.

He did this by developing a superior, professionally formulated product that is Australian designed and owned and is environmentally kind, contributing to a circular economy. He also created a new concept in delivery; a subscription-based membership where refill pharmproduct is delivered to the customer every three months.

In addition, 20 years ago, he established d-spa, the world’s first holistic dental spa that uniquely marries cutting-edge technology and the clinical expertise of a dentist/s surgery with the comforts of a calming health spa.

Renowned in his field, Dr Badr continues to practise, while also focussing on innovation within his industry and beyond.