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Styling Your Home for Sale? Here Are the Latest Styling Trends

Have you decided to sell your house? And are you looking to get it ready to impress buyers? Let’s be honest, preparing your home for sale is not an easy task.

However, adding the right styling, arranging things perfectly, and putting them in the right place helps to make a huge difference. And the good news is, you do not have to spend a fortune to style your home for sale.

Whether you go for a property management service or choose to style your home yourself, presenting your home in a way that highlights all areas can help you sell your house quickly and achieve maximum value.

Here are some of the latest and cost-effective styling trends to give your property a professionally-styled look.

1. Declutter all Rooms

Always remember ? less is more! Decluttering can help you create a lasting first impression on buyers. So try to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your home.

It is highly recommended you keep the walls empty to create an aesthetically pleasing and more open space. Also, it is a good idea to use minimalist artwork that compliments the color of your walls.

2. Light Up Your Home

It is no secret that most buyers are attracted to well-lit homes. So investing in good lighting will help you create a beautiful ambiance that buyers desire.

To decorate your home with more lights, you can use small accent lamps, bedside lamps, LED bulbs, and more. You can also leave your curtains and blinds open or use lacy coverings to bring in as much natural light as possible.

3. Add Eye-Catching Pops of Colour

When choosing accents or artwork, make sure they pop with colors. You can place grey or soft blue objects in the bedroom to create a feeling of relaxation. Whereas for the living area, you can use bright colors such as yellow and orange, to energize the space. Besides, adding natural elements like flowers and greenery freshens up the place and creates a connection to the outdoor area.

4. Rearrange the Bedrooms

You can easily arrange the bedrooms like a professional property stylist. All you need to do is, choose textiles that compliment your style or the selected color palette. Then, place a textured throw at the foot of your bed and scatter some cushions at the head. This will give your bedroom a cozy, warm, and inviting feeling.

You can also play around with bedside tables by decorating them with books, scented candles, and some flowers. Adding lamps can also adorn your bedroom space.

5. Right Furniture Placement

Remember, you want your living area to look bigger instead of smaller. Here, the right furniture placement matters the most.

Generally, someone who enters the living area scans it from left to right. So by placing the tallest furniture in the extreme left corner of the living room will make the room feel bigger.

6. Focus on the Entrance

Whether you believe it or not, the first thing buyers notice is the entryway. So if you want to impress the buyer, ensure that the entrance to your home feels, looks, and smells great.

To create a welcoming entrance, you can place a new doormat and a potted plant on the front doorstep. You can also repaint the front door and replace its handle, especially if it is unsightly or weathered. None of these cost much and can create a great first impression.