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Toys That Matter

I came across an article written by Joshua Becker (becoming minimalist) on why fewer toys will benefit children. He has 12 great points, and I have chosen my top 3 and share my perspective using Montessori Approach…

A Montessori environment for babies and toddlers has selected materials neatly organised on the shelves. It is just the right activities that will engage children, and stimulate them.

Here are some key points why fewer toys available to children are beneficial to them, according to J.Becker

  • Longer attention span

You just bought your baby a new colourful toy that has special sound buttons. Your baby was so excited and engrossed for an hour. The next day, it was still special and it gives so much satisfaction but what happens after a week or two? Does it still give the same enjoyment to your baby? I doubt that. Your baby will even spend a long period of time playing with your car keys or remote control.

  • Care of the environment

At Montessori, we give importance to taking care not only of ourselves but also the environment, which refers to all the things in the classroom most especially the materials. You see, when children have fewer toys they learn how to take extra care of it and learn its value. Too many toys also create chaos in your household.

  • Kids learn to be creative and imaginative

Do you have wooden blocks at home? I challenge you to observe your child when he’s playing with it. Aside from stacking it on top of each other, how many creative ways was it used? Ah, you will be surprised at the things your child can come up with!

What can you do now? I recommend to take all the toys away and put them in a container. Then, select a handful of toys (I suggest no more than 10). Rotate the toys every couple of weeks. That’s it. Don’t be alarmed if your child will get bored (it’s totally okay for them!).

Why would you put yourself in a situation every day where all you do is pick up all the toys laying on the floor (kitchen, bedroom, lounge everywhere!). It’s so exhausting! The remedy is just to SIMPLIFY, you will do yourself a favour and your child will thank you for it.

Written by Anniebelle, Little Hands at Work

Anniebelle is a Montessori Advocate who loves to read books about Education, Psychology, and Neuroscience. She has an AMI 0-3 Montessori Diploma and a Degree in Psychology. This blog will showcase her love of writing and passion for Montessori Education and her experiences working with families and complexities raising her children. She will try not to lecture but rather inspire, educate and involve adults.

Anniebelle currently runs a Montessori Parent Child Program. She also runs various Workshops for Parents, Educators, Caregivers, and Expecting Parents.