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How To Design The Perfect Family Home

Designing the perfect family home is no simple task. There are so many elements you need to consider when you?re creating your home design, especially if you want to create a house that serves your family?s needs both for the present and the future.

Here are some key things to consider when it comes to how to design the perfect family home.

Natural Light

Sunlight is essential to create that warm and homely feeling in your family home. Think about what aspect your home will have ? in Australia north facing is the ideal aspect to maximise the natural light that will enter your home.

Sunlight is essential for our health and mental wellbeing and living in a dark and sun-deprived house is not ideal for anyone.

Line Of Sight 

For most parents, being able to multitask while keeping a close eye on your children at home is so important.

When you?re thinking about your house design and room layouts, think about how far you?ll be able to see and where your children are likely to be while you?re in specific areas of the home. 

Open plan living creates a great line of sight both within the home and to the exterior areas of your home like your alfresco and your backyard. When you?re prepping dinner, you want to be able to see your kids playing outside or doing their homework at the table so think about where these areas need to be and how an open plan layout might work for your family. 

Be Practical With Your Design & Layout

Never forget that when it comes to designing a family home, your layout needs to be practical.

Think about what rooms need to be near each other or interconnected. Where will your children spend most of their time and where will you spend most of your time? Do these areas overlap and how can you make sure they are near enough to each other but also have the elements of privacy that they might need?

Decide On Your Family Hub

Every family home has a central hub where the family comes together to spend their time.

For many families, this is the kitchen and dining space, as there?s nothing better than sharing a meal together at the end of each day, and catching up on everyone?s day and news.

Think about where your family might spend most of their time, and then ensure there are design elements that allow the whole family to share this space without being on top of one another. 

This will be determined by the size of your family and the area you have available to create your own personal family hub.

Plenty Of Bathroom Space

If there?s one thing you shouldn?t scrimp on when it comes to space in a new build home, it?s the bathrooms. 

A family home with just one bathroom is a recipe for disaster!

A family bathroom with separate toilet, plus a master ensuite is the standard for most family homes these days but depending on your family, you might want to add a second ensuite or another toilet if necessary.

Think About Storage

One element that every family home needs without question is storage space.

Where are you going to keep all those baby clothes you just can?t bear to part with, those school workbooks showing your children?s progress over the years, or the countless ?artworks? that they seem to bring home every week and just won?t allow you to throw away?

Incorporating some extra cupboard space, a separate storage nook, or a fully insulated loft space are just some ways you can ensure that you have plenty of storage space for all your family treasures.

Play & Study Areas

Hate the idea of toys taking over your living room? Having a separate playroom area to keep all your kids toys and games is a great option for any family home.

As the kids grow up, this can evolve into a study area where they can do all their homework and projects, keeping their bedroom as dedicated spaces they can simply kick back and relax.

A Teenager Or Parent?s Retreat

If you?ve got enough space in your floorplan, think about adding an area that could be used as a parent retreat or teenage retreat. 

You could also add extra sound proofing to this area, especially if your child has a particular penchant for any musical instruments!

Bedroom Zones & Sizes

Many home layouts keep the master suite away from the rest of the bedrooms. Think about if this would be suitable for your family. If you are planning to have children in the future, having a small bedroom close to the master suite would be useful for those first few months or years so your baby is close by during the night. 

Later on, this space could be converted into a large dressing room, walk in robe or office space.

Another thing to consider is the size of your bedrooms. You might only plan on having single beds in each of the children?s bedrooms, but make sure they could all fit a double bed. 

This will give you plenty of space in each bedroom, and also increase your resale value in the future if you were to sell if the rooms are double bedroom size.

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John found his career beginnings in 1988, working locally as a carpenter. Creating a reputable name over decades of hard work, John established the JFK Construction family nine years ago.

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