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How to Create a Weekend Unwinding Spot for Your Family at Home

A relaxing outdoor space is quickly becoming one of the most desirable assets of a property, and it is hardly a surprise. Even the smallest of backyards provides endless possibilities for fun and relaxation if you implement a few well-thought-out tweaks. If you need some inspiration, here is how you can create a weekend unwinding spot in your own home that your whole family will love.

A seating area is a must

You won’t be able to enjoy your time in your backyard if you have no place to comfortably sit down. So, creating a seating area with some outdoor furniture is certainly a priority. However, steer clear from cheap plastic chairs that have no personality. You want this space to look cozy and inviting. Depending on the size of your family, you will need at least one sofa and a couple of chairs. Make sure you have some backup for family gatherings.

Make space for cooking

From a portable fire pit to a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, there are many ways to allow cooking in one’s backyard. If you enjoy weekend barbecues, consider adding some of these features to your space for fun evenings filled with delicious food. If you already have a grill, enhance your cooking experience by installing some outdoor counters where you will be able to prepare food without constantly having to step inside. Bonus points if you also get a small fridge to keep refreshments cool at all times.

Add a comfortable lounging spot

Besides the main seating area, you can also add a few lounging spots if you have enough space. For instance, set up a hammock for lazy Sunday afternoons spent reading and napping, or place a few outdoor chaise lounges for sunbathing. You can even get creative and construct a tree bench that will become the focal point of your outdoor design.

Bring in more greenery

A garden simply won’t do without plenty of lush greenery in it. Greenery is not only an amazing way to boost the privacy of your weekend retreat, but it can also provide your yard with pleasant shade and keep it cool during hot summer days. Plant shrubs and a tree or two and enhance your summers with fragrant flowers for a magical atmosphere. More plants will naturally mean more garden maintenance, so it’s a good idea to invest in some tools that will make your job easier. Get a leaf blower instead of raking all day, and install a retractable garden hose reel to water your plants with ease.

Install sun protection

As we just mentioned, plants are one of the best ways to create shade in your space. However, while you’re waiting for your newly planted trees to mature, you will need some other way of protecting yourself and your family from the sun. At the very least, your seating and lounging areas need to be shaded. There are lots of options to choose from here, ranging from simple parasols to interesting-looking shade sails, modern retractable awnings, and rustic pergolas. Pick whatever fits the aesthetics of your yard.

Consider building a pool

In the summer, the best way to unwind is by dipping in the cool water of a swimming pool. While it is certainly a larger project, if you decide to install one in your yard, it will instantly become a true weekend retreat. If you live in a hot climate and have ample space, few additions can top a swimming pool. If you decide to make this addition, remember to follow safety precautions for a family-friendly backyard. If you don’t have as much space to spare, you can also consider installing a hot tub that will provide a different kind of relaxation.

Set up an outdoor theatre

If rather than having fun in the sun, your family is into spending movie nights together, you can consider setting up an outdoor theatre in a corner of your yard. It’s easier than you would think: all you need is a projector, a screen, and comfortable seating – the rest are just extras. However, that does not mean that you can’t go all out with atmospheric string lights, high-quality speakers, pillows and blankets for extra comfort, and classic snacks like popcorn. Be sure to light a few citronella candles to keep mosquitos away, and your outdoor theatre is ready for action.

Whether it’s an expansive backyard or just a small garden, with some modifications, you can turn this space into the perfect weekend unwinding spot for your family. Make sure it’s comfortable and shaded, and you simply can’t go wrong.

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, and her ultimate passion is art and architecture. She also loves to write about garden accessories like hose reel or pruning shears based on her interest in gardening activities.