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7 Tips to Make a Fun-filled and Safe Family-friendly Backyard

7 Tips to Make a Fun-filled Backyard | Northern Beaches Mums

A backyard is an important part of every household, which is why it’s recommended to have a designated outdoor space for family activities. However, a backyard doesn’t necessarily mean safety, therefore, doing everything in your power to ensure the safe environment for everyone should be your priority.

But, if you lack any insight on how to make it happen, then it’s essential to learn more about this topic. Therefore, here are some helpful tips that will show you how to turn your ordinary backyard into a family-friendly and enjoyable safe haven.

Create a comfortable seating area

There’s no backyard without a well-designed seating area. Simply, having a space where you’ll be able to relax and unwind will give your backyard a unique charm and purpose. Besides, a space where adults can gather and talk while watching their kids during playdates will surely increase the safety of your own backyard. You can build your own patio or install an elegant-looking gazebo, as long as it’s practical, secure and easy to access.

Design a special place for kids

Keeping a watchful eye on your kids while they play is one of the most essential parenting duties. But, when everyone’s spending time outdoors, it’s easy for kids to get lost or hide in a secluded corner to avoid being watched. That’s actually normal in that age, which is why it’s advisable to create a special place where kids will be able to play. You can add that area to your existing patio, or create a whole new space that will allow both the kids and adults to have some fun outside.

Establish some rules

Kids need discipline and structure, and that includes outdoor play time. So, if you want them to be safe, it’s crucial to establish some ground rules. The rules should be about playing and interaction with others, outdoor clothes and staying away from off limit spaces such as garage or tool shed. Of course, be sure to establish the rules and safety tips in a kind and understanding manner, so kids will feel more compelled to follow them. In case your kid doesn’t want to cooperate it’s important to sit them down and explain everything again.

Don’t forget the importance of physical protection

Now, in this case, physical protection is more about preventing your kids from wandering off, especially if you’re busy minding other things. And since these situations are quite common nowadays, investing in a proper fence will keep your kids and pets safe from accidentally running away. There are quality fencing supplies that combine durability and aesthetics, which means your backyard will be safe and pretty. Matching practical and elegant is a sure way to ensure the safety of your backyard without sacrificing anything related to style.

Invest in some greenery

Greenery is often an inevitable part of every private outdoor space. Plants are useful as they contribute to one’s well-being through boosting air quality. After you decorate your home, you can start planning a greenery arrangement in your backyard. Besides, exposing kids to plants will surely help them learn and grow. When choosing plants for your backyard, it’s essential to be sure they are kid friendly and safe for them. Kids, especially toddlers love to inspect everything. More often, they also love to put weird things in their mouth. Therefore, opting for safe plants such as lemon balm, marigolds, chives as well as vines and creepers will keep your kids entertained and safe.

Add a portable tent

Some items such as a portable tent are perfect for lazy or adventurous afternoons in the backyard especially during spring, summer and early autumn. But, if you plan to organise some fun-filled moments outdoors, then make sure to use kids-oriented sunscreen in order to protect them from harsh sun. Also, a portable tent will keep them protected and happy for many moments to come.

Secure the pool area

In case you own a swimming pool in your backyard, then you’re already aware of its benefits. But, when it comes to children, an unattended swimming pool can also be a great source of danger, which is why you should secure it, so they won’t be able to go inside and get hurt. Drowning is often the primary cause of death for children under the age of four, and therefore, invest in a safety door or a fence around the pool locked at all times. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, feel free to pick some safety gadgets or to install safety sensors around the swimming pool area.


A fun-filled backyard is a great way for kids to spend more time outdoors. But, in order to ensure their wellbeing, it’s also important to make the backyard safe, so there won’t be any accidents and injuries. Outdoor play is crucial for kids’ development and social skills, so once you make your backyard safe, they’ll be able to play and have fun without any risks.

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