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5 Tips to Create a Home That Reflects Your Own Style

5 Tips to Make Your Home Style | Northern Beaches Mums

Hiring an interior designer to decorate your home sounds great if you can afford it, but it may lack a personal touch. After all, a luxurious and stylish home doesn’t necessarily translate to a comfortable, cozy home where you’ll unwind after work.

Decorating your personal space is just that – your personal space. No one knows your taste and needs better than you do so with a few tips and tricks you’ll find in this article, you’ll be able to create a home that reflects your style without any help.

Make it your project

Make It Your Project | Northern Beaches Mum

Decorating your home may sound like a job for a professional but with the help of Pinterest or Instagram, anyone can pick impressive designs and transform their homes into stylish, cozy areas.

Furnishing and decorating your apartment or house can be your project this winter. If you have some free time, you can collect ideas, save pins that inspire you on Pinterest, and purchase little items you’ll later incorporate into your home décor.

It takes time to discover what you like and what you need so this is definitely something that only you can do. Seek inspiration and browse online furniture catalogues and color paint trends. You’ll enjoy it far more than paying someone to do everything for you while risking the style won’t resonate well with you.

Prioritise comfort

When refurbishing your home, there is but one priority and that is your comfort. No matter how stylish a sofa or a set of chairs may be, if it hurts your back and makes you uncomfortable, it’s just not worth it.

Your home is not a magazine photo, it’s an actual home where you live, rest, and spend quality time with family. Hence, comfortable furniture is a must, especially that made of natural materials such as wood.

For example, the dining area is a special place where meals are shared with laughter and plenty of memories are made. This is why you should dedicate special attention to this area and invest in quality dining room table and chairs. Natural materials such as wood give your home a cozy, romantic vibe, which is essential for a room where we spend lots of time enjoying ourselves with our families every day and on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

You can even get a custom-made, handcrafted Amish set of dining room table and chairs if you want to further personalize it to match your style. The choices are endless and what’s great about it, wood is also environmentally-friendly and durable so you won’t be thinking about redecorating for decades.

Pick a design trend that suits you

Pick A Design Trend that Suits You | Northern Beaches Mum

You may get confused when you first start searching for home décor ideas because of the variety of different styles. Boho chic, industrial, minimalist…there are so many ideas. But a good thing when you’re decorating on your own is that you can combine styles that suit you instead of feeling forced to agree with your interior designer on a décor style you don’t really appreciate.

You might be interested in knowing that naturalist ideas and organic materials are taking over minimalist style this year. This was greatly impacted by the ongoing pandemic which forced us to stay at home and reconsider the way our living space was designed. It’s also when we realize just how great the impact of home décor on our well-being is. As humans, we need to stay connected to nature, and during a lockdown, this is what we missed the most. Hence, wooden materials, greenery, indoor gardens, and organic details have become increasingly popular.

If you’re into plants but also love the minimalist style, you can combine both. Similarly, if you like certain boho chic details but prefer the farmhouse style, then by all means, incorporate it into your home décor. There are no limitations when it comes to creating your personal space.

Spend on things you really like

You do not need to spend loads of money on new furniture and decorative details for your home just for the sake of style. Instead, invest in some essential things that you find both comfortable and durable but that also reflects your personal style.

For example, purchase a quality, comfortable sofa, or a chair for your living room but buy cleverly when it comes to decorative pieces.

It’s all in the details

Spend on Things You Really Like | Northern Beaches Mum

Homes you see in magazines and on the internet are breathtaking but remember that they are someone else’s vision. Your home should reflect who you are in order to become a calm and peaceful space for you and your family to spend time in every day. We all have our preferences when it comes to adding details to our home décor, all it takes is for you to take the time to figure it out.

If you love simplicity, you probably won’t choose chunky, colorful furniture and create a cluster of details in your living room. On the other hand, if you appreciate rustic, handcrafted items such as coffee tables, rugs, and various ornaments, you’ll likely fill your place with these. But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy surrounded by these details.

Just like with home décor styles, you can also mix and match various details to add a personal touch to your home.

Final word

Decorating your home can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable if you let your inspiration and personal style guide you. With a little patience, you can create an oasis for yourself and your loved ones that truly reflects your personality.

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