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28lite | Reset – Balance – Thrive


28lite | Reset – Balance – Thrive

Want to radically transform your life and become the most vibrant version of yourself? You can do that in just 28 days with the 28 Lite program!

Become lighter in body, mind, and energy in 28 days!

Bridging ancient wisdom and ‘woo-woo’ with science and common sense, the 28Lite program is a holistic ‘body, mind, and soul’ reset for today’s busy Mum. No strict diets or grueling exercise regime, just simple daily routines for the mind and soul that works to the edge of energy medicine, 21 minutes of exercise and a whole food eating plan that fits into your current lifestyle.

Requiring only 28 mins a day for 28 days, you will transform the way you think, feel, and be in the world! And show up feeling and looking lighter, stronger and clearer than ever before!

No ongoing gym memberships, and nothing that will hijack your morning, just a simple, proven approach to creating your best self!

Delivered by experts! Don’t wait – join today!


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