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All about the best designer bed linen sets

Are you looking forward to a good night?s sleep and feeling that your bed linen is not a comfortable one? Then it is high time that you consider purchasing some new linen for your bed. But rather than opting for the usual styles, why not consider going for some of the best designer bed linen online?

Designer bed linen online is certainly a wonderful addition to any bedroom design no matter whether you have a cottage, traditional or modern space to work with. This bedding is created by known names, each one taking exceptional care to provide the right quality linen which is made to last longer. You can easily search for the best bed linens online to choose the best one for your dream bedroom.

How would you choose the best bed linens?

There are certain factors that are to be taken into consideration while purchasing this type of linen. There are certainly great options available, each of them very elegant and luxurious. They are available in various shades, finishes, and patterns, giving you the control to choose the one you feel is best suited for your overall bedroom design.

  • One of the major factors which you necessarily need to require while purchasing designer bed linen online is the colours that you choose. The bedroom is your oasis and a chance to allow your personality to shine through several of the linens available online. You need to choose the colour of the bed linen according to your interior and you can make a contrast by using light coloured bed linens in a dark shaded room.
  • The main advantages of owning such designer bed linen online are that you will find the quality of materials is much better. Thus, they are more comfortable, and you do not need to spend huge maintenance costs on them. Additionally, with the high-quality fabrics used to make designed bed linen, you will witness that they are much more durable and last for several years.

Tips to choose the right linens for your bed:

Below are a few expert tips that you may find helpful & which will ensure that you really do receive some great value for money when it comes to you in purchasing a few designer bed linens online.

Tip 1 ? Measuring your bed

Although you may know how long & wide the mattress on your bed is, you may not be aware of the depth of your mattress. This is indeed vital to know so that the designer bed linen online you purchase will provide ample coverage over all sides of the bed. 

Whether you are purchasing a designer bed linen online or from a store, you need to be completely sure of your bed measurements. This is always preferable to choose a designer bed linen slightly larger as normally after the first wash, you can expect some shrinkage to the sheets. In some of the cases, this can be as much as 7%.

Tip 2 ? Understanding what tread count is

When this comes to thread count, we are talking about the number of threads used in every square inch of the designer bed linens weaved. Certainly, if you require designer bed linen that feels extremely luxurious ensuring that you sleep better. You should ideally look for those which have a thread count of between 175 & 250 threads per square inch of the weave.

Following the above-discussed tips would help you in choosing the best designer bed linen online at very attractive price points. Apart from that, you can search for various types of bed linens online and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.

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