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Quilter’s Guide – The Best Options While Selecting a Quilting Fabric

When a beginner starts practicing quilting, for them it can seem quite tempting to choose all the fabrics that are out there in the market.?

There can be many designs, colors, and a range of quilting fabric to choose from so that a beginner can be spoilt for choice. The fact of the matter remains that not all quilting fabric can be as good for the craft. The fabrics are available in the market for you to choose from. Not all fabrics will please you and will prove to be worthy of purchasing. Depending upon one?s preference and personal considerations, a quilting fabric can be chosen and we present here some of the best options amongst them.

Variants Available in the Market:

1. Weight Cotton ? It is a heavier variant of cotton that can be very suitable for making items that require extra space in them. This type of quilting fabric can be ideal for making pillows, bags, throw cushions, and many other types of home improvements. As you know how this helps you enhance the decoration of your house. It also has a satin texture and that can be quite good for creating a gorgeous ambiance. This type of cotton can be available in 54 inches width and that can be very helpful for making products that need some extra room. However, this type of fabric cannot be draped very easily on your body and therefore it may not be the best to make clothes out of it.

2. Essex Linen ? This type of quilting fabric is made by combining 45 percent cotton with 55 percent linen. As a result, the end texture of the fabric can be quite attractive for any quilting enthusiast. Essex linen is typically used for projects that involve home decoration or simply for making quilts. This particular fabric was identified by Robert Kaufman and it stays one of the best draws for quilting. The advantage of this type of fabric is that it can easily be combined with a heavy cotton variant. So now that the end product can look quite heavy it can be customized to be attractive.

3. Quilter?s Weight Cotton ? This type of quilting fabric can be the most suitable option for all types of quilting needs. This is why it is often chosen by most experienced quilters. It is a pure cotton fabric and is of a very high standard. As a result, users can expect the least shrinkage of this material. It is also the least likely to bleed its color among all types of quilts that are available in the market. The best part of this type of fabric is that it can be very much suitable for making clothes that can be worn regularly.

4. Quilter?s Linen ? It is a pure cotton quilting fabric that replicates linen texture completely. Hence it can be combined very easily into the heavier cotton fabrics. It can be a great option for making home decoration items as a product made out of it can look quite stunning and attractive. This fabric was also introduced to the world by Robert Kaufman and has helped a large number of quilters to realize their work.

5. Voile ? It is an extremely light and silky quilting fabric that can easily be mixed with heavy cotton to create a fine finish. Voile can be seen in scarves, blouses, and many types of dresses so that a softer finishing can be achieved. The quilters can come up with amazing outfits using just this fabric.

Anyone can select one of these fabrics for making a quilt because these are amongst the best that are available in the market today. Moreover, home decor can be amply done by selecting the best quilt for a purpose.