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Must-Have Decor Pieces to Create Family Winter Vibes in Your Home

Every new year brings forth numerous interior design styles and trends many choose to implement in their homes. But the beginning of every new year is not the only time we decide to move things around and touch up or change out interiors here and there. The change of seasons also poses an excellent opportunity to implement some new d?cor pieces and try out some new styles in our living environments.

Now, since the gloomy winter mornings have already set it, that doesn?t mean our homes and interiors should reflect them. Instead, make sure you pay some special attention to your interior this winter and create a beautiful warm and welcoming environment where you can enjoy crisp winter evenings with your loved ones, feeling snug as a bug.

New season, new ideas

Every new season brings forth weather changes, and just like the weather is changing you can consider doing the same to your interior?s layout. So, inspect your living, dining and bedrooms and decide if you?re truly happy with the overall layout or you?d rather change it up a bit. Simply rearranging the furniture?can make a world of difference. For instance, you can rearrange your seating furniture pieces to be facing each other a bit more and thus encourage conversation. Furthermore, you can move your bed onto the adjacent wall or simply refresh your headboard ? or remove it altogether.

Embrace layers

During winter the temperature tends to drop, so our everyday light clothes are being replaced with various layered pieces. Just like you?d layer your clothes once the crispier weather rolls in, you should do the same with your interior. So, think cosy area rugs or sheepskin rugs, heavy curtains, soft throw blankets and colourful throw cushions. All of these will instantly give your interior a layered look which will only further encourage comfort and warmth.

Add colour and texture

To further elevate your design and give your interior another layer of depth, aside from layering different d?cor pieces, you should make sure that they are the best choice in terms of style, colour and the material they?re made of. By playing around with different textures and colour you will add another layer of visual depth to your interior space, making it look much more lavish and stylish. So, aside from sheepskin area rugs, consider going for velvet curtains. Velvet is a stunning material that looks absolutely luxurious and it?s also dense enough to prevent any cold air from seeping into your interior. As far as throw cushions and blankets are concerned, go for chunky knitted blankets and covers and add something like statement Chinoiserie cushions?for some additional pizzazz. Of course, for a winter vibe, when choosing the colour scheme, focus mostly on different shades of blue, white and grey.

Fill your space with greenery

In places, such as Australia, where people usually spend the majority of their free time outdoors enjoying nature and all its wonders, winter months can be somewhat depressing. Cold weather, harsh winds and gloomy skies tend to chase everyone indoors so you might find yourself missing the nature and greenery. That?s why you should make an effort to fill your home with various plants and flowers to add some sunny disposition to otherwise gloomy weather. Beautiful greenery will make even the darkest corners of your home bursting into life.

Light it up

Since winter days are shorter than summer days and the natural light is generally quite sparser than during summer, you should use that as an opportunity to create a perfect atmosphere in your home with artificial lighting. Layer different lighting solutions throughout your home and even use scented candles to add both lighting and some beautiful fragrances in your interior. To set the mood, equip your existing lighting solutions with bulbs that emit warmer toned-light to make the room visually appear warmer. Additionally, fill mason jars with tea lights to set the mood. Not only does this look absolutely amazing, but it?s also a safe way to illuminate your home with candlelight, as there are minimal chances anything can go wrong, due to the fact that all candles are in glass containers.

Therefore, if you?re looking to create a beautiful winter-inspired vibe in your home, make sure to give some of these tips a go. If you do, you?ll be left with a stunning interior that simply breathes style, comfort and cosiness.


Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls. She?s passionate about fashion, home d?cor and healthy living. Her motto is: ?Live the life you love, love the life you live.?