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5 Ways to Exercise Indoors and Avoid Winter Weather

Oh, the seasonal blues! There’s less daylight in the evenings after work and it’s really, really cold out there. 

It’s no surprise that any motivation to get outdoors and work up a sweat has vanished and buried itself until spring. But don’t let the season be an excuse to stray from your routine and lose your workout mojo. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite calorie-busting workouts that can be done indoors to get through the cooler months. And who knows — you might even find a workout you’ll want to do all year long.

Infinite Cycle @ HOME

This subscription-based fitness program allows you to rent or buy a bike to use in tandem with the Infinite Cycle @ HOME app for effective workouts from the comfort of your own living room.

Unlike many other home-based fitness programs, Infinite Cycle @ Home. classes are delivered in real-time and are interactive so that you can get feedback throughout your sessions from your instructor. The classes are also recorded and available to replay so they can be easily fit into your schedule.

You and your IC ‘avatar’ in the virtual world, ride alongside all the other IC @ home riders, keeping you motivated to keep up and accountable.

Infinite cycle coordinates the delivery and set up of the bike so that you are ready to ride from the second they drop the bike at your house. Better yet, the bike itself tilts 22 degrees in each direction – just like a real bike. This technology doesn’t just make the workout more thrilling (and realistic), it also delivers serious physical benefits. The movement of the bike forces muscles to engage that wouldn’t otherwise fire up when riding a regular stationary bike, they also help you burn 20% more calories vs a regular stationary bike. Win-win!

The V-Form Trainer

A unique connected fitness option for those who like to strength train would be the new V-Form Trainer from Vitruvian. Hailing from Australia, the V-Form Trainer is a slimline carbon fibre platform that enables lifts from 5kg to 180kg. The innovative adaptive weight acts as a spotter, learning the user’s ability and adjusting over 40x a second. It pairs with the Vitruvian App for access to custom workouts, motivational classes and tracking fine-grain performance data. 

You can also compete with friends and users worldwide, and focus on honing your technique with professional tutorials. Compact enough to store just about anywhere, the sleek carbon fibre design also sits pretty as a talking point in your home.

Sammy Active

Mega influencer, model and fashion designer Sammy Robinson and Celebrity trainer Ben Lucas have teamed up to create Sammy Active, a 30-day training program, designed to help you feel and look your best, and set up healthy habits that can become part of your lifestyle.

The program features all of the experts that Sammy works with to stay in tip-top shape including Ben Lucas for fitness, Kate Kendall for Yoga, Fanny Kuhn for Pilates, Sally Cowan for Barre, Kate Holm, her nutritionists and naturopath and recipes by Ben Greeno who is a chef.

You can expect 30 x brand new workout videos training with Sammy and her team including strength, yoga, cardio, barre, mat pilates and afro step, as well as some great nutritional tips and recipes. During Winter, this is a great program to kick your health into gear and build some lifelong healthy habits 


For those who want a full gym but don’t really want the equipment on display in their home, FLOE is an interesting one to watch. While you don’t need the equipment to do their live, online workouts, the FLOE Box is game-changing. Imagine a furniture grade plywood storage unit that transforms into a workout bench and Barre and it stores all of your equipment inside of the box. It is beautifully built and very effective. Their workouts are all conducted live and everyone received a stand so the trainer can coach them from eye level, making it feel as though the trainer is in the room with you

Exercise Plans On The Fast 800

The Fast 800 programme is on a mission to improve the health of the community and get them to move for better health. Their newly upgraded, Online Programme provides exercise plans tailored to your fitness level, daily workouts are designed to guide you through your fitness journey and a team of Health Coaches are there to support you and keep you accountable along the way. After completing your initial assessment, you will be allocated one of their exercise levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced, and guided through weekly exercise plans consisting of HIIT, resistance workouts and stretching sessions.

This type of training will help maintain/ increase your muscle mass and ensure that you are losing fat and not muscle.

Their resistance training sessions are time-based, meaning you can focus on your technique properly without having to worry about completing a certain number of repetitions in an allocated time period. Time-based sessions also enable you to progress your weights and duration of the exercises from one week to the next.

We get it, it can be hard to stay motivated to workout during winter, which is why mixing up your workouts is key. If you have something new to look forward to every day, you are more likely to stick to it than if you do the same workout day in and day out.