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Do Clothes Maketh The Woman?

We sometimes think we might be asking too much of our clothes! We may feel that it looks like an uneventful spectrum in one’s wardrobe, that goes from black to white, to a mix of black and white, and maybe a few of our best colours in between.

Each and every one of these items would have held a promise before we handed over our credit card, despite their subdued appearance. Clothes have the ability to do many things and are able to shade many distinctions. For example, they can signify power and class, reinforce standard roles within society and even carve out new identities. Studies have shown that wearing the right clothes may even help one get an increase in salary.?

So often, we choose to cover up insecurities with clothes and make up for what we perceive to be personality flaws because we believe it will make us feel better. It could simply mean looking at a jacket that we love?and wear because we feel it could?hide our inability to make a decision at work.?Some of us seek to camouflage our less loved bits and enhance our best bits with clothes, enabling us to feel more confident within ourselves.

Making that decision to use clothes as a chance to grow more comfortable in our own skin and accepting one?s ?rough edges? does not always come easy. As we know, everything in life is about?mindset!?Once we put too much thought into our style and what we are wearing, we start dressing for other people and not ourselves!

Have as much fun as you can with your clothing, be happy with yourself and wear what you are. Style does not always have to be serious, but wear it with confidence and you will always pull it off.?

We hope this inspires you to dress congruently with who you are and embrace the tool of style to be perceived as you want to be for your audience.

If you would like some style direction in addressing your audience or simply wanting to be the best version of yourself, Modaboutstyle has packages that can be tailored to suit any of my client?s lifestyles and budgets.