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Northern Beaches Mums Group

Mastitis and Mums

Mastitis is blocked ducts causing inflammation of the breast tissue. In Australia, 20% of new mothers will suffer from it.

How To Spot Mastitis? -? The Warning Signs

  • Hardened or red areas, or tender lumps in breast tissue
  • Restricted milk flow on one side

How To Prevent Mastitis ? What You Can Do

  • Encourage milk flow before the baby is born
  • No underwire bras and wear loose fitting clothes
  • Feed your baby when breasts are engorged
  • Self-massage of breasts especially lower and outer quadrants
  • Good hydration before and during feeding

Don?t Give Up!

  • Its immensely important for your baby?s health
  • Mastitis and crackled nipples are a ?minor bump in the road?
  • There are over 200 known positive effects of breast feeding
  • There is help available. Lactation consultants, Midwives, GPs
  • 92% of women will have breastfeeding concerns in Days 1 to 4

Grant and his team at Balgowlah Sports Injury and Physiotherapy has proudly been serving the local community for 27 years. Grant began working in sports practices in the ski fields for 5 years and found the love of snowboarding and general sports injuries. He spent many years in major sports physiotherapy centres over the years including the AIS in Canberra, and he also had a keen interest in dancing and dance related injuries and was the principle physiotherapist for Ceroc Dance Company. The team of dedicated staff ?specialise a lot in women’s care, in particular mastitis. They have a vibration unit in the clinic that helps to unblock blocked milk ducts and are able to offer advice and instruction on correct feeding position. They also have both male and female staff on hand to accommodate your every need.