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Claire Mills: Physiotherapist, Rebound Health

Check out this profile on Claire Mills, Physiotherapist at Rebound Health who is holding a Post Natal Workshop and Q&A especially for Northern Beaches Mums on Wednesday 10 June 2020 at 8pm.

In 30-seconds tell us about yourself.

My name is Claire and I am a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Women’s Health, based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have worked in Clinics and Hospital settings, both within Australia and Internationally. When I am not working you’ll find me at the beach or teaching Pilates.

Rebound Health has several clinics on the Northern Beaches. What is your practice’s core values in helping Women?

We are a team of allied health professionals – Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology and Podiatry. We understand that every woman is unique, with a different story and a different goal that they may be working towards, and I feel both myself, and the team I work with hope to empower women to reach their healthiest and happiest self.

Every woman has unique goals, values, and medical history which is why my sessions are not only based on the latest evidence-based treatment but I also always highlight the individual and ensure our treatments are tailored for this.

In your recent blog ‘Return to Exercise Post Bub’ you spoke about when is it safe to return to exercise after a baby? Tell us about this.

Pregnancy is often the biggest change that a woman’s body will go through in their entire life – which I think is huge. I do think Post Natally that it is perhaps something that is overlooked as most appointments are focused on Bub and often women don’t get that chance to stop and check-in with themselves.

I believe every woman should feel empowered to be able to get back to whatever it is that they love, eg. running, yoga, or perhaps hoping to build strength back up for a second Pregnancy.

In terms of returning to exercise there are considerations such as Pelvic Floor strength, core strength, and general musculoskeletal changes, and as previously highlighted, every woman is different, with a different pregnancy, different birth story and different goals they are working towards.

There is no definite answer as to when it is ‘safe’ to return to exercise, I think working with each individual it is important to focus on what they can do whilst work towards the end goal. For example regaining pelvic floor strength with pilates based training, to build up to running or gym classes.

Your profile says you have worked Internationally, what was one of your best experiences as an ex-pat Physiotherapist.

I have worked in Denmark and London – and I think it has been invaluable for being exposed to different health care systems, various cultures, and new ways of doing things. It has allowed me to always put a different perspective on things, and I like to think I brought some new ideas to my work back home.

I will also have to admit being able to pop over to Paris for weekend getaways were a bonus. I feel so fortunate that my studies and training have allowed me to work in such exciting and faraway places.

What is one of the best kept secrets on the Northern Beaches? Favourite haunt, coffee shop, or boutique clothing store.

For my morning coffee fix (which is a must for me) you will always find me at Barrel One in Manly. The coffee is delicious and their playlists are always so good.

In terms of a boutique shop, I would have to recommend Alana Maria’s jewellery in Freshwater. It is right down the road from our Freshwater clinic. She is a local Sydney girl, that makes the most beautiful hand made, minimalist style jewellery.

Lastly, tell me why Northern Beaches Mums should tune into your watch your LIVE session “Post Natal Workshop and Q&A” on Wednesday 10 June at 8 pm covering topics such as Return to Exercise Post Bub, Pelvic Floor, Abdominal Separation and More!

Normally, people only go the see the Physio when things get bad. Or they’re unsure what’s ‘normal’ and stuck as to how they should proceed next. This leads to delays in returning to the sports they love, social events, and life more generally. It’s my purpose to change this narrative – to empower women early in their recovery, to get them back on their feet as soon as possible with a caring and supportive community of Northern Beaches Mums.

Pregnancy is often the biggest change a woman’s body will go through in their entire life. If we injure our knee – we have that expectation that we go through some rehab. I do realise Pregnancy is different in that it is not an injury, however, there has been a huge tax and change on our body, and quite often things are not feeling the way that they’d used to, or the way that we’d hoped. I want to set that expectation, make it the norm and gold standard, that Women deserve the time and attention to ensure they are taking the right steps for their body during their postnatal phase.

I believe it is so important for a woman’s health now and in the long term to take a moment for herself, check in with her body and educate herself on how to properly rehabilitate postnatally. Long term wise it can decrease the risk of prolapse, pelvic pain, and improve further pregnancies.

I think also to add, during this difficult time of the global pandemic- many classes and appointments have been cancelled and women have perhaps lost some supports. I want to bridge that gap and provide education, that perhaps would normally be provided in hospitals or Maternity classes. I want to ensure the Women of our community are feeling empowered and on the road to happy and healthy motherhood.