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B Kinder Day – Tuesday 22nd June 2021

B Kinder Day Tuesday 22nd June 2021 | Northern Beaches Mums

The world could use a little more kindness. The purpose of b kinder day is to discuss kindness, to empower and inspire children/people and remind us all that our actions do matter and that we each have the power to make a difference through kindness. 

We would like all schools, organisations, businesses, communities and individuals to take part in b kinder day, an annual day on 22nd June celebrated worldwide, that encourages thoughtfulness and empathy.

Take 1 minute to watch the b kinder day video here.

How you can get involved

The main activity on b kinder day is that everyone is encouraged to purchase a b kinder card to write to someone they care about. Last year 52 schools and hundreds of businesses took part, sending over 30,000 b kinder cards around the world.  In addition to sending the b kinder cards, we encourage everyone to take part in other kindness activities.

New card packs available now!

Special card packs are a convenient way to celebrate b kinder day with your customers, staff, community or family. 
Card Packs include 20 beautiful assorted kindness cards, a free b kinder day poster and 10 b kinder day balloons.  These packs are $35.00 each and include free postage.

Single card orders

Card orders (minimum order 20 cards) include free posters, balloons and flat rate shipping (varies according to order size). b kinder day cards are $1.00 each. 

Share photos of your b kinder day activities to or

Order your b kinder day packs, card, balloons and posters now!

About the charity – flyhighbillie

Take 2 minutes to watch this video here.

“The flyhighbillie charity was set up to honour the amazing legacy of our beautiful 12 yr old daughter, Billie Kinder. Billie was empathetic, compassionate and above all kind. With a play on Billie’s name (B Kinder) we launched the b kinder initiative to inspire others and remind us all that our actions do matter and that we each have the power to make a difference through human kindness.” Danny Mason-Kinder 

flyhighbillie is a registered charity and the b kinder message is committed to spreading empathy and kindness, ultimately reducing mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people. 
For more information head to the website: