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Self-Care Activities Every Busy Mum Should Try

Every busy working mum is aware that she should invest more time in her self-care, but with her work, kids, school drop-offs, and all the other daily obligations, self-care tends to be the last one on the list.

That is why every mum needs a helping hand when it comes to her own well-being and have that ‘me time’ just for her. But, if you’re a busy mum who really cannot figure out how to boost your self-care, here are some great activities for you!

Schedule your self-care

If you’re running errands all day and really depending on your phone to let you know what to do next at work and during your day, you should include your self-care into your calendar as well then! Whatever you plan on doing during your ‘me time’, make sure to schedule it, otherwise, you will only decide do more work or run a few more errands before the bed, instead of relaxing for a while.

Meditation for your mind

With that many things on your mind every day, you probably feel overwhelmed and stressed. Your ‘mum brain’ is always running and it needs a bit of help in order to relax and stay awake. Not only will taking a break to meditate during the day help you stay focused, but it will relax you and help you readjust your thoughts and brain. Plus, it will improve your interactions with colleagues and your family, since you’ll be less stressed.

Do sports for your body

In order to be balanced out, you need to do something for your body as well. Since you are always under stress, you will need some exercise in order to relax and boost the health of your body and mind. You can turn your free time at home and do some light yoga or exercises and even include your kids into it. But, if the things at home are always a bit busy, it is best you sign up for some yoga classes or pilates. Of course, you can take your exercising outside and go for a run or hop on your bike a drive around for an hour or two.

Do things that used to make you happy

Before the kids and long working hours, you probably had a few of the things that you loved doing and that made you happy. You should make a list of those things that brought you joy, or put a few of the things and activities you would like to try. This way, you can easily relieve the happy memories and enjoy some free time being happy and relaxed. However, if you’re trying out new things, this is an easy way to reinvent yourself and feel better about yourself.

Lose yourself in a book

Reading a good book can put all of our worries away and lets us lose yourself in an imaginary world. If you like reading, you should include it in your self-care routine. As soon as you prepare your morning coffee, especially if you’re getting up before everyone, grab your book and read a few pages while sipping your hot coffee. You can even set a timer so your kids can see it, and after the time runs out you can all start your days. This will teach you to be patient as a mother, and it will teach your kids a thing or two about it, as well as about the importance of reading.

Don’t ignore your beauty routine

When you look good, you feel good, and that is why you need your beauty routine. To boost your mood and confidence. However, you might not have enough time for this, as you used to, but this doesn’t mean you should abandon it completely. Rather, you can simplify it and still keep your face and body clean and beautiful. For example, when it comes to your hair, you can pick a new haircut that you can style fast. Also, you don’t have to put a lot of make up each morning before leaving, you can simplify the makeup routine and you might even look prettier and fresher.

Being a working mum is often tiring and days can get pretty overcrowded and booked to the fullest. However, no matter how busy you are, you have to find some time to relax and enjoy being alone. Devote a few minutes a day to yourself and you will see how positively that will affect you. Whether it?s reading a book, doing sports or getting your nails painted, you should have some time for self-care because your mood will improve and days will become much easier.

Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business, stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.