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How To Ensure Your Little Learner Is Ready For Big School

Ensure Learner Is Ready For School | Northern Beaches Mums

While every home is different (some families are Team Disney, others are all about Nickelodeon), there is one thing they all have in common: the desire to give their children the best possible start in early education

As children grow and develop, they become more curious about the world around them and are driven to learn and explore. It’s important to support this curiosity and nurture a love of lifelong learning by exposing them to as many rich learning opportunities as possible.

Preparing children for the transition to ‘big school’ is an exciting part of their educational journey.

“Children’s minds are at such a critical stage of development at this age. Research shows the first five years are a critical stage of development for children,” says Papilio Early Learning Belrose Centre Manager Jessi Read. 

“The Papilio Early Learning program emphasises experiences that promote discovery, collaboration with other children, and self-confidence,” she continues.

Prep programs are perfect for engaging your child in a wide range of activities that nurture curiosity while stimulating brain development. By encouraging children to explore exciting new topics and ideas, you can help prepare them for the next stage of their education – going to ‘Big School’. 

At Papilio Early Learning Belrose, our Prep and Pre-Prep programs are guided by the Lifelong Learning Approach and designed with growing children in mind. Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, the approved curriculum is facilitated by Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers who are assisted by a team of passionate educators. Together they are committed to creating an engaging curriculum tailored to your child’s interests, full of stimulating opportunities to learn and play

Children at Papilio benefit from a variety of extracurricular activities which help round out their social, emotional and physical development. These include Yoga and relaxation sessions, athletic programs, nutritional cooking classes, gardening and sustainability programs, community engagement, and performing arts. 

Papilio’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) program is a favourite component for many families and children. With tech stations, science labs and art zones, the program empowers children to explore, create, problem-solve, hypothesize and encourage communication.

Assistant Centre Manager Demie Atherton explains, “We want children to grow a love of learning. To do this, we curate exciting and stimulating learning activities that actively engage them in their learning.”

Prep and pre-Prep are more than just another year of childcare – they are vital stepping stones to Primary School and the final opportunity for your child to benefit from a high-quality early education in their first five years of life.  

To learn more about the rich learning opportunities available at Papilio Early Learning Belrose, get in touch with the passionate educators today. Book a family tour on their website or contact the centre for a free stay-and-play session. 

Address: 3 Bundaleer Street, Belrose
Hours: 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Closed weekends and public holidays.

The Team
Centre Manager: Jessi Read
Assistant Centre Manager: Demie Atherton

Phone: 9986 2097