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6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Shed Builder

If you’re building a new shed on your property, there are a number of things you need to consider. From permits to placement, design to application, there is a full checklist of considerations that go into making a great shed.

However, there’s only one person you should need to go to in order to create the perfect shed.

Go and talk to your shed builder and ask them these six questions. By asking just six questions to your shed builder, you can determine if they?re the right professional for your needs while ticking all the boxes for your brand new shed. Whether it?s a storage shed at home, a commercial warehouse, or a custom design for a fire station, winery, or airport, these six questions will be all you need.

Find the Right Builder and Create the Perfect Shed with These 6 Questions

1.What Are Your Qualifications?

You wouldn’t trust an unqualified builder to work on your home, and it shouldn’t be any different for your shed. The shed you build could be used for a wide range of applications, from tough rural jobs to demanding commercial uses. For this reason, your shed builder must be fully qualified.

So, what are the qualifications you should be looking for? To start with, your builder should be licenced and registered with your state’s relevant building authority. For example, in Victoria, this would be the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). You should also look for a shed builder who is a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). As Australia’s peak industry body for property builders, HIA promotes high industry standards as well as training, products, and services for members.

In order to work across all sectors, your shed builder should also hold all relevant insurances, such as building insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance.

2.Can You Custom Design and Build My Shed?

When it comes to your new shed, you’re going to want to enquire about custom design, manufacturing, and construction. When shed builders talk about custom design, they often mean that they have many designs for you to choose from. But a custom-designed and built shed will go beyond a handful of shed designs. It will involve tailoring your shed to each of your requirements, including the size and shape of your land, the intended application of your shed, and even your style preferences.

This is also an opportunity to find out if your shed builder specialises in the style of shed you?re looking for. Just some of the shed styles a professional should cover include:

  • Commercial: including storage sheds, workshops, warehouses and factories
  • Domestic: including carports, garages, verandahs and pergolas
  • Equine: including equine barns, arenas, and paddock boxes
  • Rural: including farm sheds, machinery and hay storage sheds, and stables
  • Custom: including aircraft hangers, school shelters, CFA fire stations, and winery sheds

3.What Materials Do You Use?

Your shed will be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions and it will also need to stand up to daily wear and tear. To protect your shed against dust, wind, rain, and other weather conditions, look for sheds built with premium steel materials. As well as this, you should also look for a shed builder that uses Australian suppliers. This adds an extra layer of quality assurance to your new shed.

4.Where Do You Design and Manufacture Your Sheds?

If your shed builder outsources any aspect of the design or manufacturing process, they can?t guarantee its quality. That?s why you should make sure your shed is designed and manufactured by one team. Your shed builder should have a purpose-built facility as well as teams that specialise in design, drafting, production, and engineering. A professional sales team is also important, as they can help you choose the right shed and be your go-to person should you have any concerns.

Your shed builders should be well connected with plumbing, earthworks, electrical, and concreting professionals who they can recommend for any additional work.

5.What Is Your Process?

While this question is a bit broad, it allows you to dig deeper and make sure your shed builder is covering all of your needs. Specifically, you should find out:

  • Will your shed builder help you obtain a building permit?
  • What do they look for at a site inspection? As well as measurements, ask about things like site levelling, drainage, windows and more.
  • Do you have a dedicated consultant that you can talk to at any time throughout the process?
  • What is the builder?s expected turnaround time from design to fabrication to erection?

6. Do You Offer a DIY Option?

If you want to turn your new shed into a project, you might want to consider a shed kit. A shed kit combines quality supplies, professional designs and precise manufacturing in one package that you can assemble yourself. Many shed builders offer kits, and they usually come with all the plans, parts, claddings, fittings, and fasteners you need. All holes will be pre-drilled and all components will be pre-cut to size. Of course, with any DIY shed kit, the builder should also be on hand to offer clarification or advice.


Pick Up the Phone and Ask These Questions Today

If you want to build the perfect shed for your needs with complete confidence in the builders you choose, test out your shed builder by asking the six questions above. With a shed builder you can trust on your side, you can build anything from a commercial storage shed to a warehouse to an attractive shelter for your backyard. To get started, contact a licenced, registered and experienced shed builder today.