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What Are the Long Term Benefits Of Early Childhood Education?

?90% of your child?s brain develop by the age of 5?

The first 5 years of your child?s life are therefore extremely important. So, what are some of the long-term benefits of early childhood education?

For many families, a preschool or an early childhood centre is essential in order to be able to continue their careers but preschool isn?t just a handy way to help parents logistically, it?s also extremely beneficial for early childhood development.

Early childhood education provides the resources, educators and tools to give your child the best start to their education. We have all read about the importance of play-based learning or group play. But what exactly is a childcare centre bringing to your child?s ealry years development? There are many benefits of early childhood learning centres, below are just 3 of those benefits:

1 – Cognitive and social development

The first five years of a child?s life is where all of the basic foundations are set for their future developments in thinking, behaving and emotional wellbeing. Learning environments in early childhood centres allow for play-based learning which encourages language and emotional skills as well as the development of creativity and imagination.

Although it may look like child?s play (literally), the educators at an early childhood centre know exactly the type of learning that is crucial to your child?s age group. Every game and activity are designed to help them grow and learn without them even realising it!

2 – Improved social interaction

Immersing your child in group learning environments during early childhood enables them to develop the emotional maturity required to build strong relationships. It teaches them to interact with children and adults from all kinds of backgrounds and equips them with the social skills required to make friends and build appropriate relationships with educators.

These kinds of skills are crucial not only for the remainder of their educational years but for later in adult life too. Setting these foundations early will help your child to make healthy emotional choices and foster positive relationships throughout their life.

3 ? Understanding and ability to adopt routines

Some research suggeststhat children who are exposed to three years of early childhood education are more likely to adopt routines and structure to their daily lives. This is because in the early learning setting, educators implement daily routines to help the children settle and know what to expect at different points of the day.

With that said, it is important that the effort is made at both home and in childcare. So that your child can associate with routines and understand that certain daily tasks need to be completed before we do other tasks. E.g. wash your hands before eating, brush your teeth before bed etc?

So, there you have it, just 3 of the long term benefits from early childhood education! Childcare centres are so much more than a place for children to play. They offer countless social, cognitive, academic, emotional and health benefits that could aid them throughout their childhood and continue onto their adult life, while having fun!


Miss Annie Russo has a Bachelor of Primary Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and is the Centre Director at Kids Club Northern Beaches. Kids Club Early Childhood Learning have centres across Sydney & Canberra. Annie brings her energy and a wealth of experience to her centre and holds a Bachelor of Primary Education. Her passion for helping shape a child?s future is inspiring and is matched only by her knowledge in the field of early childhood development.