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5 tips for staying ahead of your health care

A survey conducted by and Working Mother magazine revealed that 78% of women put off making appointments for themselves because they are too busy prioritising the health care of other family members.

Your health is too important to let slide down the list of priorities, so here are 5 simple ways to stay on top of things.

Make a habit of it

Small changes can help make a big difference over time. Drinking water, walking more and eating fresh produce are things we all know we should be doing. The big win is getting your family on board with healthier habits, too! Swap movies and milkshakes for fruit salads and frisbees. Turn household chores into exercise challenges or dance off the day with high energy songs before settling down for a healthy meal together.

There’s an app for that

Activity tracker and wellness apps are popular and for good reason, but did you know you can take control of your medical appointments and documents with a patient engagement app? Over 100,000 Australians are already using the free MyPractice app to connect with their health care providers. The app empowers patients to manage face to face or telehealth bookings, get prescriptions sent to the pharmacy for collection or delivered to their homes. With medical documents secure and accessible, better doctor-patient communication for you and for your family, this app is not just a time-saver but provides great peace of mind.

Know yourself, know the signs

Understanding your own medical history, hereditary and lifestyle-related risk factors, means being ready to act if any symptoms should arise. Be sure to consult your doctor and find out what to look out for relevant to your age and general health. You can even use your health apps to keep track and prompt you to check back in.

Take the pressure down

According to the National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing, 2020-21, 19% of Australian women experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress. Mental wellbeing plays a huge part in your health care and so heightened levels of stress and anxiety are not to be overlooked. Try to add meditation sessions to your day, make time for quiet and relaxing hobbies or, if you feel at all concerned or overwhelmed, seek support from your doctor or a dedicated mental health organisation. Seek free help online.

It’s not just you

One friend tells another they had seemingly minor symptoms that developed into something serious. As a result, the second friend books a check-up and catches something early! Hearing the experiences of others, subscribing to health emails and joining groups that discuss health and wellbeing can help you feel supported and aware of what is the norm for your age and fitness level, and what could be worth discussing with your GP.