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The Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course that makes keeping active fun for kids

Regular activity isn’t just important for the physical wellness of children, it’s also crucial for keeping their mental health in check, according to research conducted by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Yet despite how vital keeping active is, just 23% of Australian kids aged 4-14 undertake the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day, found the latest Australian Health Survey. Yikes – that’s less than a quarter of our kids getting enough exercise!

So, how can we motivate our kids to get more active?

Fortunately, the answer to this one is simpler than you might think. Instead of positioning exercise as a must-do ‘chore’ to be completed, it’s helpful to frame it as a fun activity that kids will enjoy doing.

Ninja Parc is one place which provides an easy way to do this with an exciting indoor obstacle course. Ninja Parc was inspired by the hit TV series, Ninja Warrior, and includes a series of challenging yet fun hurdles. Besides being excellent for getting the heartrate up, it also provides invaluable opportunities for kids to develop life skills including problem solving, co-ordination and teamwork.

Ninja Parc Founder John Pirlo has been an active campaigner for keeping kids active for the last 20 years. Speaking about why he launched the venue, John says:

“I was overweight and bullied as a kid so when I finished school, I decided to study exercise science so I could understand how the body works and the ways to fuel it for success. I went on to create Ninja Parc to inspire movement and play for kids.”

There’s a range of activities suitable for all ages and levels – from mini ninjas to parkour pros – with highlights including a sea of poles, vertical and horizontal doors plus bouldering challenges. It provides a safe place to test your skills and the obstacle course undergoes regular, thorough safety checks to ensure all equipment and activities remain up to standard.

Today, Ninja Parc is going strong with three locations across the country. Memberships are on offer as well as casual drop-in sessions, kid’s birthday parties and school holiday programs. And, it’s not just for the kids – parents are welcome to get involved as well.

“I love running Ninja Parc because we’re doing something good for kids and families. We’re keeping them entertained and it’s always a good time for them which is very rewarding to see. It’s also great for the parents as our school holiday sessions and birthday party events give them a bit of time off, too!” says John.