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How to Encourage Outdoor Play for your Children

Studies have proved that outdoor play can improve both the physical and mental performance of a kid. Playing outside for 10 minutes legitimately adds 3 minutes of vigorous physical activity to their daily routine. And this, in turn, helps the heartbeat better, and the blood circulates better. An ample supply of oxygen to body cells at all times strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of diseases. Thus, outdoor play ensures the healthy growth of your child.

But in these digital times, it’s quite difficult to separate your child from devices. They just can’t seem to breathe without the screens!

Well, we get your pain. And so, in this list, we’ve compiled a few clever ways to encourage your child to step out and play under the sun. Let’s check these out!

Invite a School Friend

Most kids play better when they have their friends around. And this applies to both indoor and outdoor play. So, to encourage your child to go and play outside, invite your child’s school friends and arrange some activities for them in the garden.  Ideally, it’s best to invite a group of 3-4 friends. But if your child is an introvert, you should only invite 1-2 close friends. In case of unavailability, invite children from the neighborhood or your relatives. Make sure you make your invite appealing with some interesting snacks and well-planned activities (more of which we’ll discuss below).

Arrange Outdoor Toys & Activities

As mentioned earlier, to keep children engaged in the outdoor environment you will need a few toys and activities arranged beforehand. Here are some ideas for outdoor toys:

  • Playhouse
  • Water balloons and blasters
  • Outdoor trucks and cars
  • Jumping ropes
  • Tree swings
  • Toy wheelbarrow

Apart from that, you can encourage your child to try different sports and activities. For example, you can arrange outdoor sports equipment, such as basketball, tennis, badminton, or cricket.

Apart from that, you can encourage your child to try a hand at bicycles, electric scooters, and even skating. Swimming is a great option too. But arranging a plastic kiddie pool will be much more of a hassle as compared to arranging an electric scooter. You’ll have to browse multiple shops, pick a reasonable one, prepare your outdoor space, and clean up after the kids are done having fun. On the contrary, to get your kid an electric scooter, you can visit and simply teach your child how it works. And there you go!

Limit Screen Time

The next thing that you ought to do is set up limits for screen time. When your kids know they have a limited time with the screens, they’ll be more mentally ready to leave their devices after a certain time, and head out. Once the routine develops, you may find them planning activities for themselves.

Ideally, the screen time should be less than two hours each day. And during this screen time, ensure that your kid invests himself in productive and healthy activities. Even if entertainment is the goal, make sure you supervise it.

Ask them to Plant & Maintain the Garden

Another great way to encourage your child to go outside and play is to assign them outside chores. You can have them clean up or maintain their playhouse outside. But that’s going to make things a bit boring and burdening.

So, instead, assign them gardening-relevant chores. These will not only buy your child some quality outdoor time, but they will also help them connect with nature. They’ll genuinely enjoy their time outside and willingly play outdoors. Plus, planting will incite care and responsibility, which in turn, will push them out.

Bring Indoor Games Outside

If physical activity troubles your child for any reason, you can opt for an alternate route. Set up a nice cozy area in your yard where they can sit and play board games.

Final thoughts

Perhaps, the best way to encourage your child to play outside is to play with them. Your child is most attached to you, and nothing can make their experience more joyful than you playing by their side. If you opt for this, you’ll soon witness the tables turning. Your child will be pushing you to play outside with them rather than you dragging them out of the house. Plus, it brings you a whole lot of sweet memories to cherish. Good luck!

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