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Sip your way to good health with new meal replacement shake

A keto meal replacement shake has become the most popular product created by Australia’s pioneering keto collagen company Locako. It is a low sugar/low carb shake for anyone following a Keto diet, living a low carb life, or those wanting a healthy and nutritious meal replacement alternative. With the price of fresh food skyrocketing, meal replacement shakes are also a cheap and easy way to get some nutrients!

Locako Founder Ally Mellor, a Sydney mum-of-two who has been on a keto diet for over a decade and is best known for pioneering a range of keto products including Australia’s first collagen snack bar and coffee creamer, was blown away by the success of her first keto meal shake range. 

“We’ve been watching the success of the Man Shake and others in the category as the global meal replacement industry booms, and thought it was time for a clean and nutritious keto shake. While there are some ‘keto’ options out there, they often contain pea protein, which has too many carbs, and sugar is too high up the ingredients list to support ketosis, so we wanted to ensure there was a genuine keto product for the growing number of Australians on a ketogenic diet,” Ally said. 

“Meal replacement shakes are growing in popularity as a weight management tool, and even if someone isn’t aiming for ketosis, we hope that our trusted keto label will make these shakes appealing as a healthy, filling meal replacement. One of the reasons people like genuine keto products is because they know they are low in carbs and usually have low or no sugar. Locako prides itself on being Australia’s original and cleanest keto brand so people know our meal replacement shakes are the real deal. There are no artificial sweeteners and nothing fake, just natural, clean, nutritious ingredients such as MCT oil to support ketosis, collagen to support skin and gut health, greens to make up for lost carb-heavy vegetables, magnesium to ease cravings, probiotics and prebiotics to give the gut a boost, and lots of vitamins and minerals.”

“As with all of Locako’s products, these meal shakes are a tasty and convenient way to fuel your body and stick to a ketogenic or low-carb diet. Staying in ketosis isn’t easy but the health benefits are well worth the effort, from sustainable weight loss, more energy and increased good cholesterol to a reduction in visceral fat, harmful triglycerides, blood pressure and bad cholesterol.”

Locako’s vanilla strawberry and chocolate thickshake meal replacement shakes are dairy free, wheat free, legume free, glucose free and gluten free.

You can buy them online at or Chemist Warehouse.

Known for creating Australia’s first collagen snack bar and making collagen taste good, Locako, which stands for Low Carb Keto, is Australia’s founding, pioneering and market-leading low-carb and keto brand. Locako was founded by Ally Mellor in 2017 and has grown rapidly to a trusted brand with a strong consumer following for those who follow a low-carb and true keto lifestyle, while maintaining broader appeal to everyone wanting healthy, low-sugar snacks. Responsible for significant category growth in Australia, Locako is known for its great flavours and innovative products that challenge the status quo from edible cookie dough and collagen mousse to chocolate gummies, and was the first to market with keto products, collagen bars and creamers in Australia. All Locako products are created with the healthiest and cleanest possible ingredients – collagen sourced from pasture-raised cows; MCT oil powder extracted through distillation without chemicals or solvents; and pure native monk fruit extract that has zero impact on blood sugar levels.