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Clean Ears Q&A with Clean Ears Spokesperson Gerald Quigley, Pharmacist and Medical Herbalist

As we settle into our Australian Summer, we tend to spend a lot more time in the water! How can this effect the Health of our ears?

The ear provides a wonderful environment for both friendly and not-so-friendly bacteria to live. Gentle irrigation of the ears after swimming is a sensible option to reduce the risk of infection.

Using Clean Ears spray can help ensure the ears stay clean and dry and avoid the risk of bacteria growing.

As we know Ears are self-cleaning. However, sometimes we can get a build up of earwax causing a blocked sensation. What causes this?

We all produce wax at various rates. Wax protects the inner ear from dust and bacteria. The ear is usually self-cleaning but wax build-up often occurs. This can irritate the inner ear, tempting a clean up with unwise options.

Irrigation is a healthy option.

How can we treat blocked ears safely and efficiently?

Blocked ears after swimming usually clear within a short time. Jumping up and down on the side of the blocked ear is easy and effective. If you have a build up of wax, it is wise never to put a cotton bud Q-tip into you ear, as this could potentially puncture your eardrum.

Clinically proven product, Clean Ears wax removal spray can be used as a daily treatment to reduce signs of blocked ears or when ears have become blocked already.

What is Clean Ears?

Clean Ears is an all-in-one, easy to use earwax removal spray that can be used daily as a preventative treatment to reduce earwax build up, as well as a treatment to dissolve impacted earwax. The natural ear spray is suitable for babies, children and adults. It includes three key ingredients: Squalene to liquify the ear wax, Mineral oil to irrigate the ear and remove the liquefied ear wax, and Spearmint oil to warm the ear canal.

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