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Review: Ladybug Music

Northern Beaches Mum Nicole got the opportunity to take her 2.5 year old daughter to trial Ladybug Music, and here is her raving review… 

Last term, my two and a half year old daughter and I were very lucky to be given the opportunity to experience Ladybug Music, a music class for babies, toddler and pre-schoolers.

If your little one is anything like mine, then these classes are sure to be a hit, as they sing and dance to their little heart’s content. My daughter’s favourite part was the dancing and getting the opportunity to play various instruments along to the music.

With each class featuring a diverse range of music, ranging from lullabies and nursery thymes to complex beats and eclectic jams, there is something for everyone as these parent-and-me classes. True to the their motto of ‘sing it, boogie down and have fun’, these classes will foster creativity and self-expression, as well as hours of smiles, giggles and silliness for parent and child alike!

Tailored to kids from infancy to age four, Ladybug Music’s program differs from most other performance-based classes in that there is only one exception – to play, play, play! In a nurturing and supportive class environment, even the most shy kids are sure to come out of their shells as they explore the existing world of pitch, tempo, melody, beat and rhythm.

Best of all, you even receive a CD featuring the tunes used in the class, meaning the fun can carry on at home too! I don’t think it’s come off repeat in our car since we got it. The same songs are used for the entire term, so your little one can sing and dance along to it over and over again until they are pitch perfect. For every new term, there is an entire new set of tunes to look forward to.

If you are on the Northern Beaches or North Shore, then this class is a must-do with classes in Lindfield, Fairlight, Mosman and Neutral Bay. There are demo classes that are completely free or charge so why not try it out? Tuition for a 9 week term is $219 per child and $126 for each additional sibling. Check out to find out more information.

The classes are run by Clare Stevenson:
Clare grew up in a very musical household, completing 8th grade A.M.E.B. Piano, and studying Suzuki Method violin, which at age 11 gave her the opportunity go to Japan to participate in the Suzuki Summer School in Matsumoto. She continued with music performance throughout high school and went on to get a Bachelor of Creative Arts, and eventually travelled to Europe, then on to New York to complete the 2-year Professional Acting Program at The Neighborhood Playhouse. After that she met her husband and stayed there for a total of 8 years, performing in theatre, film, and doing commercials and voice-overs. They eventually moved to Los Angeles and started a family, and discovered Ladybug Music when she brought her son to a class and thought, ?hey ? I wanna do THAT!? While always making music a big part of her new family?s life, she was so happy to have the opportunity to bring music into the lives of other little ones as well. Now back in Australia, she is thrilled to be bringing Ladybug and its fabulous music to Aussie children!