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How to choose a pair of hair scissors for home use

After everyone has been stuck at home in 2020 due to quarantine, it has never been more important to learn how to cut your own or family’s hair at home.

When you start reading any online guide or watching a YouTube instructional video, the number one rule is to use Hair Scissors and not regular scissors, you may find around the house.

In this article, we will briefly explain how to choose the right pair of hair scissors for you.

The difference between hair scissors and regular scissors

Not all scissors are created equal, and similarly to kitchen knives, each one may be made for a different purpose. A bread knife may not cut your vegetables as well as a regular kitchen knife.

So with the example in mind, let’s run through what makes hair scissors so unique.

Hair scissors

  • Have unique sharper blades (bevel, convex, etc.) that are made for haircutting.
  • They have ergonomic handles for a comfortable and more stable grip.
  • They have tension adjustors that you can tweak to get the smoothest cut.

Regular scissors around the house may have a simple blade for cutting paper or a specific serrated blade for fabric or crafts, and these may cause split-ends or damage to your hair.

The main reason to use hair scissors is that they can cleanly slice through hair, leaving them either with a blunt end, or you can adjust the style to create a natural feathery look.

What makes hair scissors so expensive?

The big shock to most people is that there are hair scissors available that are valued over $5,000 AUD. The good news is that you do not need to break the bank when shopping for a reliable pair of scissors that will cut hair at home for many years.

The main reason why hair scissors are so expensive is that:

Hair scissors are generally handcrafted

They use specific robust materials that retain a sharp blade for longer

They have more design put into their blades and ergonomic handles

So how much can you expect to pay for a pair of hair scissors to be used at home? The average cost is $100 to $150 AUD.

This will get you a pair of hairdressing scissors that will last for many years to come.

What are the best hair scissors for home use?

When searching around online, or at your local stores, you may find a large number of hair scissors, but which pair do you choose?

Most people buy based on value, as they think this will give them something of value that will last a few years. But this may not always lead to a satisfying purchase.

For beginners and home use hair scissors, look out for these key features:

  • Valued under $150 AUD
  • Has an ergonomic handle design
  • Uses a flat edge, bevel or convex blade
  • Has a simple key tension adjuster

There are many other aspects to buying a pair of hair scissors, but the best handles for beginners or casual hairdressers is an ergonomic handle, and the best blade is a flat, bevel or convex edge.

These blades will cut hair effortlessly, and more importantly, will not cause any damage or split ends.

Conclusion: How do I choose hair scissors for home use?

It has never been more important to learn how to cut hair, but you need the right tools to do it.

Most people think that hairdressing scissors can be costly, and if you look online, they can be! But this does not stop you from finding a pair that won’t damage hair or break after a few haircuts.

Shopping for hair scissors can be intimidating at the start, but you can buy a satisfying pair for under $150 that will cut your family’s hair for many years to come.

Look out for the bevel, flat or convex edge blades, as these are the best for beginners and general home use.

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