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Personalised children’s books with your little reader as the hero of the story!

We are Naomi and Frances. Sisters and Mothers from Australia. Frances lives in Sydney with her husband and two children, and is expecting her third child very soon! Naomi lives in Singapore and is a very new mum to a gorgeous baby boy born in April. Together, we are Red Shoe Stories and launched our debut picture book “Where are my shoes?’ on 1 May 2018 via Kickstarter! It’s something we are immensely proud of, and love to share with little readers everywhere!

Key elements of the story are customised for your little reader!?

By choosing the personalisations, the fun starts even before you’ve opened the book! You can personalise the child’s name, their profile (choose hairstyles, hair colour and skin complexion), the shoes they wear (choose from 6 styles and 9 colours) and the name of the adult joining them on their magical adventure!

The final product is a unique picture book tailored for your little reader, and beautifully illustrated in a way that echoes the best of traditional children?s books.

Why we wrote a book about lost shoes?

We were inspired to write a book about lost shoes because, since becoming mothers, it happens all too frequently… searching the house high and low (well, mostly down low!) for our little reader’s favourite pair of shoes!?If you have ever found yourself doing the same, then you will LOVE this story!

About this project.

Our goal is to encourage adults to read aloud and as often as they can to children by creating a picture book that big readers (like you!) will want to pick up and read just as much as our little ones. This builds many important foundational skills that help our children grow into creative, curious and confident big readers.

We do this by putting you in the author and illustrator’s shoes just for a moment! Create a picture book your little reader will instantly connect with by putting the people closest to them (that’s you!) and their favourite possessions (their shoes!) into the story.

This is a book your little reader will want to keep and treasure forever, and which will trigger special memories of all the adventures you shared together!

Where are my shoes? is a personalized picture book for little readers aged 0-6yrs.

In this story, your little reader recalls all the wonderful adventures they shared with you throughout the day to try and remember where they left their shoes. Their shoes are clever, if perhaps a little cheeky, but your little reader is on the case and looking for clues to solve the mystery! Watch as they delight in a magical adventure all about them and their resolve to find their lost shoes!

We want to keep an element of surprise for when you receive your book… but here are some sample pages from our test print. This book was created for Olivia who has a favourite pair of red shoes and shares her adventure with Daddy.

This is a book your little reader will want to keep and treasure forever, and which will trigger special memories of all the adventures you shared together!

Why the world needs this picture book.

A personalised book also allows us to celebrate diversity. We loved reading picture books as kids, but rarely saw illustrations of characters that looked like us. This picture book builds your little reader’s confidence as they see themselves as not only the hero of the story, but the problem solver as well.

In our picture book we use techniques such as rhyme and repetition to help build early literacy. Personalising it with people and possessions familiar to them is exciting and not only nurtures a love of reading, but fosters the relationship between the little and big reader.

Our picture book is designed to be read aloud with children. Reading aloud helps children build a large vocabulary, stimulates active listening skills and teaches them what you – a fluent reader – does when you come across a word you don’t know.

We believe every child is a little reader at heart. We believe so strongly in the power of reading that for every picture book purchased, we donate one book to our not-for-profit children’s literacy partner organisation. You can follow our progress at?#Read4More.

Our book is available for order.

We are now live Kickstarter. If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, the funds will be put towards the development of our website. We have already designed a fun, interactive, and easy-to-use website, so now we just need help to raise SGD $11,000 by 31 May 2018 to reach our Kickstarter goal and launch our website.

We’d love your support to successfully fund our campaign, and in return we will deliver to you your very own personalised book(s) and other fun and exciting rewards you choose!

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