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Opel Mobile Launches Australia’s First Ultra Safe Smartphone for Kids

While teenagers and adults now spend a huge amount of time on smartphones for work and personal use, the requirement for younger children to access a mobile is also becoming far more common. In fact, just under half (46%) of Australian kids aged 6-13 are using mobile phones, but at what safety risk? And how do you control their screentime?

Introducing the new Opel Mobile SmartKids Phone! Used by kids and designed by parents, it’s a safe way for your child to stay connected while giving parents peace of mind. Unlike other smartphones it has no camera, yet includes a stack of clever security features such as parental control over downloading apps and phone calls, a GPS location tracker with location alerts, an emergency button plus a child-friendly case, and a screen protector.

“Technology is inevitable in this modern age, but there are huge safety risks for children which is why we’ve created Australia’s first ultra-safe smartphone for kids. Designed by parents, it has built-in parental controls that can be remotely controlled by multiple parents using either their iPhone or Android,”

says Paul English, Executive General Manager, Opel Mobile.

“After conducting our own research, we found that the three biggest parental concerns around children having a smartphone were sharing personal information online (including inappropriate images), screen time and using unsuitable apps.

“Our new Opel Mobile SmartKids Phone addresses all these concerns and includes many other security features, making it the safest possible first phone for young children while still giving them freedom,” adds Paul.

Key features of the Opel Mobile SmartKids Phone:

  • No camera – Cameras are one of the biggest security threats to children so not having one gives extra peace of mind with regards to being socially responsible online.
  • App usage & blocker – Be notified when a new app has been downloaded, remotely restrict apps as you see fit, or set time limits for each individual app.
  • Control screentime – Set specific times and days that different apps can be used.
  • Location GPS tracker – Access the SmartKids Phone real-time location as well as view the location history.
  • Create virtual safe zones – Set up geo-fences and be notified when the device leaves or enters a zone, or if the phone hasn’t left or entered the safe zone by a certain time.
  • Whitelist numbers – Activate a feature to create ‘safe contacts’ who are the only ones who can call the phone or be called, no unsolicited calls.
  • SOS emergency button – A simple press of a button to SMS the phone’s current location and call up to five contacts.
  • Secure information – All phone data is stored privately in Australia.
  • Activity report and history – Easy for parents to see when calls and text messages have been made or received and any apps used.
  • Subscription free – The SmartKids Phone is powered by the Opel Mobile Guardian App which can be downloaded for free from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Low battery notification – A notification when the battery is low, with a real-time battery level able to be viewed on demand.
  • Phone case and screen protector – The phone comes with a silicon shockproof case and screen protector for added protection in little hands.
  • 4G VoLTE network unlocked – Will work on any Australian or New Zealand 4G network, data connection is required.

The Opel Mobile SmartKids Phone retails for RRP $249 with zero subscription fees. Available from August exclusively in JB Hi-Fi and the Good Guys, you can also download the free Opel Mobile Guardian App from Apple or Google Play stores.