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How to Keep Your Children Active And Healthy

As we all know, being physically active means that you are moving your body and you are getting your blood pumping. But what people don’t think about is that exercising is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your child healthy and active. That is because being physically active will help them build and maintain healthy bones, joints as well as ensure that they aren’t overweight. It will also help them reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases and such later on in life. One of the most important things that will benefit both you and them is that they will be able to sleep better. As you can see, keeping your child physically active means that they will be healthy and you as a parent are the one who plays the key role in helping your child be more physically active. If you are not sure how to do it, here are some ways.

Put an emphasis on fun

One of the best things that you can do is to help your kids find the sport that they actually enjoy doing. The more they enjoy the given activity the more likely they will be to keep doing it. If they still struggle with doing the activity try to add more fun to it and make them feel like they are playing.

Choose an activity that is appropriate for their age

What you need to realise is that a seven-year-old can’t really do a five km run or do weightlifting, but what they can do are all kinds of different sports such as swimming, soccer, basketball or gymnastics.

Always plan ahead

Even though they are still children, they need to be on a schedule and know what time they are going to be exercising. Always make sure that it is at a convenient time and that the place they will be doing the said activity is safe. When they know that they are safe they will be able to do better.

Provide them with active toys

One of these things is to provide your children with active toys. Make sure that all the balls, jump ropes, pogo sticks or skateboards are all easily accessible to them.

Be a good role model

If your children see you slumping around all day and not be physically active, they won’t learn that you need to do it in order to be healthy. That is why you need to show them that you enjoy being active too.

Set limits

The best way to ensure that your children are being active and healthy is to limit the time that they spend staring at a screen. That way they will use their free time to be physically active. 

Consult with your child’s doctor

Another thing that you should do in order to keep your children healthy and active is consulting with a doctor. They will help you choose the best activities for your child.

Make time for exercise

Children nowadays are overwhelmed with homework and extracurricular activities. Make sure that you are leaving time in your child’s day to have some fun and exercise.

Teach them to eat healthily

Eating healthy is the best way you can help your children to stay healthy. Make them healthy foods to teach them good eating habits. Do your best to prepare them a wide variety of foods. Also try to avoid giving them foods that are high in things such as sugars, salt as well as fat. While you shouldn’t restrict them from having any kinds of food, promote healthy eating and making the right choices.

Getting your entire family moving

One of the best ways to get your children to be physically active is simply to make it into a family thing. Make it a family property to go on a hike or walk at least once a week and everybody, not just your children, will be healthy.

One of the most important things as a parent that you need to do is teach your children to have healthy habits in life. Keep in mind that children that are six and up need to have at least an hour of vigorous physical activity while little ones need about three hours of activity every day. While you should encourage your kids to be active, never force them to do things or push them beyond the limits because that can cause injuries.

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