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Top Outdoor Gifts for Kids this Christmas

There’s no doubt that our backyards get a workout in the summertime – between the backyard cricket matches and family BBQs, Aussies just love any opportunity to be outside. So naturally, as we approach Christmas, we might be thinking, what are some gifts we can get the kids to further enhance their backyard play. Here are our top picks for 2020.

1. Springfree Trampoline

Naturally, we think that a Springfree Trampoline is the best present. Ever. But with plenty of health benefits as well as providing hours of entertainment, what’s not to love. With Springfree, you know that you are getting the safest trampoline so you will always have peace of mind as your kids flex their muscles and their imagination for hours on end.

2. Walkie Talkies

Kids just love walkie talkies – whether they’re adventuring through ‘secret caves’ or ‘stalking an enemy base camp’, with a walkie talkie in their hand and an active imagination, they can be transported just about anywhere. They’re also a great addition to a camping trip, to give them a bit of independence as they make new friends or head off to facilities on their own while mum/dad keep hold of the other one.

Image source: Littleonemag

3. Inflatable Water Park

While we all grew up with a tarpaulin, a bit of dishwashing liquid and water, like all things, the humble slip’n’slide has had an upgrade! You can now get your hands on this impressive inflatable backyard water park to transform your backyard into your own water park haven.

Image source: ToyUniverse

4. Inflatable Sprinkler    

Keeping on the water theme – because in Aussie summers, these are always a favourite. Here is a new take on sprinkler fun – a Unicorn Yard Sprinkler! What little girl (or boy) wouldn’t love this in their backyard. And if you have a Springfree Trampoline, you can have it spray towards the kids for a little extra fun.

Image source: ToyUniverse

5. Sand Pit

Sand pits are a great way to give the kids the experience of digging, building and exploring in sand without trekking to the beach. Playing in the sand is also a great way for kids to engage in physical development, improve muscle control, and work on their social skills. This one comes complete with canopy to protect the kids from the sun as well as a lid for the sand pit to stop the sand getting dirty when not in use. Pop the kids in with all the usual things – buckets, spades/rakes, ‘fossils’, rocks, balls etc.

Image source: ToyUniverse

6. Jumbo Bounce Ball

Looking for ways to make your backyard adventures larger than life? Turn your child’s regular soccer game into super-fun, giant-sized adventure with the B4 Jumbo Bounce Ball! This ball is a great addition to any outdoor playtime and is sure to add a few laughs to your normal kick-around in the backyard as you all try to control the over-sized ball.

Image source: ToyUniverse

7. Play Tent

Kids love the novelty of having a ‘house’ outside, when they go camping, so moving the play tent outside won’t just act as a sun-safe spot for them to play but also set their imaginations alight as they conjure up all the different things this ‘house’ could possibly be. Whether a Disney castle, a circus tent or army base, the kids will be sure to stay engaged in their creative games for awhile.

Image source: Ikea

8. Outdoor Sports Sets

There are so many options available, we could create a separate blog just for this category. Choices include; miniature soccer goals, cricket sets, archery set with knock-down targets, basketball hoops, ring toss, totem tennis, croquet, volleyball, golf set and the list goes on. These kinds of activities are a great way for kids to give different sports a go before they head into a team or to just keep practicing what they love if they’ve already started playing sports.

These only scratch the surface of what amazing outdoor toy and activities are on offer for the kids, which is great. We hope this goes some way to help ease the stress of Christmas shopping!