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Environmental, Economical, Practical: 7 Benefits to Small Space Living

7 Benefits to Small Space Living | Northern Beaches Mums

In many cultures, people are told that living in a big house is the way to be. The housing market relies on people wanting lavish homes, which is why many of us are in debt for a lifetime, thinking it will bring us happiness and comfort. And even though there’s nothing inherently wrong with living in a large home, it’s often not the best idea for everyone. So, if you’re a single, young professional, then living in a small space might be the perfect choice for you. And in case this idea still makes you doubtful, then here are some benefits to small space living that might change your mind.

Small spaces are more affordable

For someone who’s just started to climb the career ladder, living in a small space is a nice way to save money while focusing on work. Many metropolitan areas offer such types of accommodations, which is great news for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to live in a big house. Living in a smaller apartment is also a great way to focus on things that matter to you at the moment such as your education or work.

You will have less room to clutter

Living in the age of consumerism often means buying things that we don’t really need. However, if you live in a tiny apartment, you’ll simply lack space to create unnecessary clutter. Even if you’re good with storing things, there’s a limit to everything. Plus, you won’t need to declutter that much, because there won’t be clutter, to begin with. When you think about it, this sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

A smaller apartment will help you relax

Looking for a place to live can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time living away from home. If that’s your case, then opting for a smaller apartment may be a lovely idea, as you’ll be able to experience independence without actually spending too much on cleaning and maintenance. So, if you’re too busy with working and studying, then choosing a furnished studio apartment will help you be more organized with your possessions and day-to-day chores. Living in such a space is a perfect way to live a carefree life and focus on doing things that are important to you.

You will spend way less on decorations

Since tinier apartments are easier to fill with items, you’ll be less pressed to buy various decorations. When you live in a bigger home, bare walls and empty corners are more visible and jarring. On the other hand, a small apartment is amazing, as you can use only one or two statement decor pieces, and that will certainly be more than enough. Additionally, if you love scented candles then living in a small space is great, as only one or two candles will be enough to enrich the space with a soothing smell.

Organising your items will be easier than ever

Some people are naturally scatterbrained, which is why they often lose their things. If you’re like that, then a small space living might be your perfect solution. Simply, a smaller apartment is easier to manage and navigate, meaning things will likely be on display, which will help you find them with ease. Also, you’ll be less inclined to lose things such as remote, and if that happens, you won’t have to spend hours searching for your belongings, because finding them will be pretty quick and effortless.

You’ll feel free to practice minimalism

We’ve already established that living in a small space makes you less likely to accumulate things, which brings us to our next point: minimalism. If environmental issues are important to you, then learning to live a more minimalist lifestyle can be a nice way to help the environment, but also to create a calm, more peaceful home. Besides, you’ll be more inclined to shop carefully, which is also essential if you live in a tiny apartment.

Energy bills will be much lower

Spending money on rent and utilities is a must, however, if there’s an opportunity to make those bills lower, then go for it. And small space living is a perfect way to do that. The math is simple: the small space needs less energy, so if you don’t love paying a lot for heating, water, and electricity, then choose a tiny apartment instead of a bigger one. All of that makes smaller spaces a perfect eco-friendly living solution because less space always equals less energy spent.


These benefits in favor of small living are a great way to consider renting a tinier apartment for yourself. If the idea of it makes you a bit uneasy, just think of the money you could save. The rental market is full of new trends, and this one will be on the rise for quite some time. Aside from that, you’ll have more time to focus on your school or work, without worrying about maintenance and cleaning. Eventually, if you’re eco-conscious, then you’ll surely fall in love with your small space regardless of where you’re from and what you do for a living.