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Go Big or Go Home: 6 Reasons Why You Should Move Into A Tiny House

Ah, the tiny house movement. A charming social crusade fueled by media attention and advocates for minimalism. But is the meaning of life and peace of mind truly found within walls 8 by 20 feet?

House prices generally only sail one way, and they move fast. Across Australia, people are finding it harder to snag an affordable property, with the fierce competition in the market and the curious lack of income increasing in correlation with property prices. It’s no surprise many are searching for alternatives.

Fortunately, seeds from the USA’s very own tiny house movement have made its way across the Pacific and have sparked something wonderful in the land down under. Here are 7 reasons why considering a move into a tiny house down the line might be your next brilliant idea.

A simple life
One of the more obvious benefits of moving into a tiny house is how simple your life will be. There’s no garage with a dozen boxes of things you will ‘use in the future’. There’s no third lounge with an extra TV set that is gathering dust but you can’t seem to get rid of it. There’s only enough space for you to live your life and fit in everything you really need.

Cost of living is deliciously low
With a tiny house comes great living costs. And by great, we mean?awesome. In addition to saving money on the?removalists, you’ll enjoy significantly lower electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, maintenance costs, less furniture to purchase in general ? the list goes on. The average tiny house has just 6 lightbulbs, compared to an ordinary home which has 45. You will find yourself in a sublime savings bliss.

The environment will thank you for it
The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste per year. What is included in this shocking figure? Food wrappers, cans, plastic containers, newspapers, paper, old appliances, food and more – we’re all guilty. And this doesn’t include how much electricity, gas and water your house burns up every day. With a tiny home, you will produce far less emissions than a regular house. Furthermore, the materials used to build your tiny house are just a small fraction of how much you would need to build an ordinary house, and you’ll definitely be doing your part in being green.

You save a lot of time
Living in a tiny house will allow you to save a ridiculous amount of time. When you have a larger house, you’ll typically spend a lot of time and energy vacuuming, mopping, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, maintaining your garden, washing dishes…none of that will be a noticeable burden in a tiny house. With a smaller wardrobe, kitchen area, ‘bedroom’ and surface area of your floor, you’ll have much more time to do the things you like to do.

A tiny mortgage for a tiny house
One beautiful benefit of investing in a tiny house is the fact that they only cost around $60,000 and under to build, which is several hundreds of thousands less than the median house prices of capital cities in Australia. With a figure that looks more like a deposit than a house price, you could definitely escape the mortgage life and run unapologetically towards the open arms of financial security.

Free to do you
Did you know you can have home ownership?and?travel the world? You don’t even have to be a senior citizen or trust fund baby to do it. With an easily packed up tiny home, minimal possessions, little to no mortgage and an overall freer lifestyle, you can spend your time and money doing whatever you want to do. If you want a change of scenery, no problem – if your house has wheels, and you can hook it up to your vehicle and be on your merry way.