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Alternatives to supermarket cleaning products that are natural and safe for your family

Years ago, I delighted in trawling the household cleaning aisles at my local supermarket. I baulked at any ‘eco friendly; brands. According to my then self, they did not clean to my standards. I needed chemicals. The more chemicals, the smellier, the more claims made, the better. 

But, my self-confessed love of chemicals came back to bite me. I found that no matter how much I sprayed and scrubbed my glass shower screen and other surfaces, the fog and speckles kept on growing and would not budge. 

It is then, that I learnt that my shower was not dirty, it had glass cancer. 

This picture is glass cancer in action… it’s caused by harsh supermarket type cleaning chemicals and irreversible. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Having my own cleaning business, I became absolutely passionate about protecting the surfaces in my clients? home. I saw far too many benchtops ruined, metals permanently etched, window glass scratched, protective coatings removed from flooring, and shower screens destroyed by harsh chemical. 

Using these chemicals can not only destroy your surfaces but may impact the safety of your family and aren’t good for the environment after they are flushed down the drain.  

What makes supermarket cleaning products potentially dangerous?

Generally, supermarket cleaning products are created with the bottom line in mind, like most products, and although, they meet regulations and standards, they are mass produced, and the ingredients selected are generally the cheapest option that will do the job. That comes at a cost, to you, me, the environment and the surfaces in our homes. 

The Choice 2018 Best Multi-purpose cleaner was Easy Off Bam Cleaner Grease & Sparkle. 

The MDSD lists ingredients as: Non-hazardous ingredients to 100%. As I couldn’t be sure what this meant I dug a little deeper and discovered, three of the ingredients (Ethanolamine, Fragrance and FD&C Yellow 5), are linked to the following problems: respiratory effects, general systemic/organ effects, developmental & reproductive toxicity, aquatic toxicity, nervous system effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage, biodegradation and even cancer.

A 2012 UN report on hormone disrupting chemicals, noted 800+ chemicals have infiltrated our homes via household cleaning products, and raised concerns about their link to breast, prostate, testicular and thyroid cancers, in addition to behavioural disorders in children and male infertility.

How are natural cleaning products different?

Natural cleaning products are generally ethically made, meaning you will not find any toxic chemicals, fillers or fake fragrances, and generally, even the packaging is either made from recycled plastics, or can be recycled. They are grey water and septic safe, often biodegradable, sulphate and phosphate free, and are always cruelty free. 

The biggest difference is that natural cleaning products are transparent in listing their ingredients and are usually plant based, which means they are safe for you, me, our families and the environment.

Natural alternatives to your everyday commercial products. 

Here are some simple switches you can make today to make your home healthier and more environmentally friendly.  

Dryer Sheets are full of harmful toxic chemicals, but Wool Dryer Balls are 100% natural and can be naturally scented with Laundry Tonic, which is a blend of essential oils.

Natural Laundry Liquids are free from zeolites, phosphates, palm oil, petrochemicals, optical brighteners, chlorine and salt. They are good for the environment, your clothing and you.

Natural Toilet Cleaners do everything supermarket brands do, but without hazardous chemicals, chlorine, phosphates, are less corrosive and are all biodegradable and grey water

Instead of replacing your Toilet Brush every few months, LooBlade is made to last and even comes with a 10 year warranty! Infused with silver, it kills 99.9% of germs on contact, and nothing sticks, to the blades as it is a bristleless brush!

  • Supermarket dishwashing tablets REPLACE with natural dishwashing powder

Most Supermarket Dishwashing Tablets have chemicals in them such as Sodium Polyacrylate, Alcohol Ethoxylates, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Fragrance and Benzotriazole. All of these chemicals are a concern for the environment, and the majority of them cause skin irritations, allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Shockingly two of the ingredients can cause developmental & reproductive toxicity, and also cancer.

Neatspiration is a small Australian business that has been offering Australians exceptional quality environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday household cleaning products since 2012. Neatspiration believes in products that actually work, won’t damage our home or the environment and are safe for ourselves and our families.