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It’s not me, it’s you: how to break-up with your supermarket, according to a leading relationship expert

Love bombing. The hot and cold treatment. Constant red flags. No it’s not your dating life, but it could be your relationship with the supermarket. 

New research from EveryPlate has revealed how Aussies truly feel about their supermarket – with many saying it’s become a one-sided relationship. 

In fact, more than eight million Aussies (33%) feel that the supermarket doesn’t care about them, while 25% agree that ‘breaking up’ with the supermarket is something they would like to do. 

If you’re starting to get cold feet when heading down the (shopping) aisle, fear not! Leading relationship expert Katia Loisel has some advice on how to recognise these warning signs in your supermarket courtship – and how to break them once and for all. 

Don’t fall for the hot and cold personality 

At first everything in the supermarket is easy to find, you know your way around and you know where everything is located. It’s a two way partnership. Then suddenly overnight everything changes. Your favourite items are discontinued, the aisles you’re familiar with have been swapped around. And you’re left wondering what changed, it gives you hot and cold vibes and it’s hard to know where you stand. 

Don’t fall for supermarkets blowing hot and cold and their price fluctuations, you need more consistency in your life. Having regular deliveries of your favourite items or meals can prevent you from needing to scramble around the aisles and provide you with more stability. Best of all you know exactly what you’re paying each week. 

The bare minimum is not worth the effort

Our supermarket relationship can often be one-sided – and it’s not meeting our needs. Having to chase all the way around a store to find the essentials, heading left and right and aimlessly putting in all the steps just to get the basics. You wouldn’t put up with it in a relationship so don’t do it with your supermarket. The solve? Tasty, fuss-free meals from a meal kit delivery service that will help you win at dinner, when the ingredients and recipes are delivered straight to your door each week. It’s a fantastic mutual partnership, and saves you heading down all the aisles just to get the bare minimum.

Watch out for yellow flags 

You’ve heard of red flags, but what about those yellow sales tags and special buys? Don’t let the shiny stickers trick you into thinking you want stuff that you don’t need. The colour has been designed to make a deal more enticing and catch your eye. 

Those deals and savings release mood boosting dopamine and trigger the dopamine system in the brain associated with pleasure, addiction and reward. This can cause havoc with our nervous system making us temporarily infatuated and blinded to the flags that reveal someone’s true intentions. In order to avoid them – and overspending in the supermarket once and for all – make sure to stick to what you really need and never visit on an empty stomach. You’ll thank me, and yourself later. 

It’s time to upgrade! 

You’ve worked out that you’ve lost that loving feeling, you’ve tried and there’s no resolve. Now it’s time to find the right partner for you. If you know you’re ready to break up with the supermarket, this is your sign to swap the aisles for a better model. Budget-friendly meal kit delivery service, EveryPlate provides quality ingredients and easy four step recipes for your weekly meals, at a consistent cost with no surprises – helping Aussies save up to 44% per plate instead of shopping at the supermarket*1

Based off EveryPlate’s recent Supermarket comparison data