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8 Tips For A Summer-Ready Home

Home improvement experts say that spring is the best time for sprucing and rehabbing a home. This is true, especially if you’re planning to get your air conditioning unit fixed or replaced. Come summertime, you and your family may find all contractors fully booked, leaving you with higher than standard rates and longer waiting times.

Major home fixes aside, there are perhaps a million things to do to prepare your home for the summer. Whether hosting the annual family barbeque party or simply enjoying some outdoor activities, your guests and loved ones must feel comfortable and fresh.

With that in mind, below are some things you can do to get your indoor and outdoor spaces ready for the summer.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need

Whether you’re planning some major or minor fixes or want to create a better vibe for your home, always start by keeping it clean and decluttering. A messy house can impact your health and mood, and it can also cost you money.

Spring or summer are the best times to clean, as some sections of your home are important during these times. These sections allow you to see more clearly which stuff you need to get rid of. In addition, getting rid of the clutter gives you an idea of which sections need fixing or improving. (1)

Check indoor areas for moulds

Mould growth can occur in any part of the world. Depending on the location, climate and other factors, it can increase faster in some areas. Moisture, condensation and humidity are the most crucial elements that encourage the growth of these microorganisms. Because of summer rains and high humidity levels, the summer season may be a good recipe for mould growth.

So check your home for pests and moulds and get rid of them by thoroughly scrubbing the affected surfaces with a disinfectant. Seek the help of professionals like MouldMen and similar service providers if a significant portion of your home has been affected.

Have your HVAC system serviced and filters cleaned 

As mentioned earlier, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will take a heavy beating once the summer season arrives. Hence, it’s a wise decision to perform any fixes and maintenance works before the sun’s out. It’s crucial to have your system regularly serviced to ensure optimal performance.

Check whether you need to clean your AC unit or replace the filters before the summer. Home experts recommend changing filters every six months and cleaning them monthly to ensure they don’t hamper your cooling system’s performance. Filthy AC filters can also trigger respiratory issues such as asthma attacks, which will likely worsen as you and your family are prone to use the unit more often. (1) (2)

Change your design and colour motif 

Your property’s vibe should reflect this bright and sunny season. As much as possible, get rid of the dark hes and switch these with light shades and fun prints. A pop of colour would be nice to uplift your family and guests’ mood. Take out your black or red curtains, throw pillows, and beddings and replace these with flowery patterns or beach-themed prints in pastel colours. (3)

Clean and declutter your guest bedroom to ensure your guests can sleep over. The colour motif change applies in this often-forgotten section of your home too. Lastly, only use cotton and other comfortable fabrics as beddings to prepare for the summer heat.

Prepare your pool and yard

Preparing your outdoor space is a bright idea – so that your children can still enjoy the summer despite the scorching weather and trip cancellations. To keep your kids and loved ones safe while taking a dip, clean your pool thoroughly to discourage the formation of microorganisms such as bacteria and algae. Here are some things you need to do to keep your pool and yard ready for the summer:

  • Get rid of debris and dirt on the pool’s surface
  • Scrub the insides of the pool at least once a month.
  • Use a pool vacuum if you have one and check the filters and backwashes.
  • Finally, have the water tested and add chemicals as needed. (2)

Don’t forget to cut the grass and trim the bushes in your garden to maintain curb appeal. The summer season will highlight your front yard, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Moreover, prepare your plants for the summer by ensuring that they get enough water.

Clean your outdoor space

The harsh winter may inflict physical damages to your home’s exterior structures—from the roof to the gutters to the patio and siding. Perform the following steps to summer-proof the outdoor section of your property.:

  • Driveways: Start using a pressure washer to clean the driveway and walkway thoroughly. Don’t forget to repair cracks by applying fillers and replacing missing bricks as necessary.
  • Gutters and roof: Check the gutters too and clear the waterways of any debris. Fix any leaks so that water won’t come through the roof or ceiling, potentially causing structural damage to your property. Also, check your roof for missing or misshapen shingles and have them fixed immediately. (4)
  • Wall cladding: Besides mould growth, the summer season may also cause pests such as termites, roaches, ants and mice to get more active. Make sure they can’t go nearer to the food source by staying in your exterior wall cladding. Inspect your siding for damages and rotten sections and fix them as soon as possible. Clean the area, too, to further protect your property. Do the same for your patio or deck. (2) (3) 

Apply a fresh coat of paint

After thoroughly cleaning your home, it’s time to take things further by repainting your indoor and outdoor spaces with a brightly coloured shade. A light shade can make your bedroom look bigger and tidier. In addition, a light tint can deflect light and heat better, helping your HVAC system maintain its energy efficiency properties.

As the season transitions into sunny skies, you’ll be assured that the paint will stick to surfaces better. The summer heat also ensures that the colour lasts longer, although painting under too much heat may cause the chemical to cure prematurely. (1)

Be ready for all emergencies

If you happen to be in an area where summers can be sweltering, make sure you stock up on emergency supplies and prepare a survival kit. These should include a complete first-aid set, non-perishable food, medications, flashlight, power banks or extra batteries, drinking water and a radio. Don’t forget to create an evacuation plan and discuss it with all family members. Print emergency numbers and teach your kids what to do if your family needs to evacuate the area. (2)

If you have small kids, make sure you adequately hydrate and nourish them. You must check how much they’ve urinated regularly as well. And lastly, find ways to keep them cool indoors and outdoors. (5)

The bottom line

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people’s mobility and leisure activities, expect to spend the entire summer right in the comfort of your property. Keep these tips in mind, and you and your loved ones enjoy the summer season without worries.


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