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5 Powerful Exercises to Bring Peace to Your Life

In a world oversaturated with constant audio-visual stimulation, the chance for a mindful living seems like a distant mirage. Still, you can break through this incessant veil of noise and find your way towards equilibrium and the natural self that has always waited for you with open arms. Of course, this cannot happen overnight. It requires commitment and participation in these 5 powerful exercises that promote peace and mindful living.

Practice correct breathing techniques

The simple act of breathing is one of the cornerstones of practicing mindfulness. You?d be surprised how many people do not know how to breathe properly, and partaking in such simple exercises that do not require physical excretion is a good first step towards more demanding activities. Another upside of correct breathing techniques is that you can practice them pretty much anywhere, anytime. A basic form of this exercise requires you to make yourself comfortable and turn your attention towards the movement of your body as you breathe. It may be hard for you to retain the intensity of concentration at first, but just acknowledge when your mind begins to wander and turn your attention back to the soft movement of your body as you breathe and the calming rhythm of this movement. The effect of this on your mind will be rather profound after some time as you will feel perfectly calm and present. What?s more, this breathing technique can become the intrinsic part of most (if not all) the exercises below.

Dwell in the outdoors

While a solid workout within the confines of the gym is perfectly legitimate, you should not reserve physical excretion exclusively to these enclosed spaces. In fact, every respectful trainer will encourage you to turn to the outdoors in order to diversify your activities. Furthermore, savoring the surroundings with an organic appeal, meaning natural topography and lush flora, will not only improve your endurance and agility but also contribute to the proliferation of inner peace and balance, as well as the reduction of stress. GO out and partake in some light mountaineering, stroll or run through the woods and enjoy a weekend of camping. After all, modern scientific research has already proven that nature dwelling reinforces the integrity of our immune system. Still, you should not over-think these matters. Ultimately, the simple and joyous goal of outdoor athletics is to relax and relish in the present moment of exercise.

Keep on running

If you had time for only one athletic activity, running is the one workout you should never give up. It is the ultimate versatile workout, incredible for beginners and beneficial for rookies and professional athletes alike. It is the ?primordial? activity and, as such, it can be an incredible framework for ?venting? stress and promoting mindfulness. Make sure that you have the necessary equipment, especially the obligatory running shoes with comfy soles. In addition, if you don?t want to ?burn through? stacks of regular household socks, check out these running socks for women by Rockay. It is important to invest in accessories such as these simply for the element of durability. You?ll save money in the long run and have your feet cushioned and protected so you can prolong your jogging sessions without suffering that relentless sharp pain in heels.

Open your mind through meditation

If you have managed to learn how to calm your mind through correct breathing techniques, meditation is the natural next step. Now, focusing completely and ?giving yourself? to the enlightening bliss of the present moment can be hard; in fact, you may think that you might just be one of those people who find it impossible, but keep in mind that practice makes perfect! Breaking the chain of incessant thoughts and being mindful about the present moment is much akin to pumping a muscle. Your resilience will grow over time and, sooner than you think, the entire endeavor will become effortless to you. If you find difficulties are too hard to shake, you can always refer to a plethora of useful advice in books?or venture online for more immediate counsel.

Partake in relaxing yoga

Anyone who has ever practiced yoga for more than a week fell in love with this wonderful technique of activating muscles and relaxing one?s body. If you want to go beyond correct breathing techniques and mix them up with serene stretching, yoga is your activity of choice. As a matter of fact, you can take the advice given above about dwelling in the outdoors and bring your asanas to the local park or the nearby beach. There is hardly anything more relaxing than doing yoga amidst the rustling leaves and rumbling waves. If you feel that your mind is beginning to wander around, you just have to bring your focus back to the correct breathing as you stretch. It works without fault, and it may just be one of the ultimate exercises for mindfulness in the world.

If you feel an excruciating spiritual knot is constantly tied somewhere deep in your belly, and your mind is unstoppably racing on the tsunami of useless thoughts and anxieties towards irreparable neuroses, it might be a high time to take up some (if not all) of the activities suggested above in order to glimpse at the potential for enlightenment you can reach. Once you peek behind this veil, you will undoubtedly find the motivation and strength to chase the blessed state of mindful living.


Stella is a graphic designer and illustrator, a lifestyle and beauty blogger and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about the environment and her hobbies center around her love for nature, yoga and living in balance. Stella loves giving tips about healthy lifestyle and self-development. She is a contributor to several health and lifestyle blogs.