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3 Effective Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Be Creative

People usually see art as aesthetic paintings, dance choreographies, stories, and songs. However, creative expression isn’t just about the results of artistic activities. There’s more to it, including the process of creating the outputs as well.

Artistic endeavours aren’t limited to music, craft, designing T-shirts, drama, and writing. Individuals can also be creative in developing their imagination in politics, math, and solving problems. Children in their early years can already develop these talents; they’re not an exception. 

However, they might need support in enhancing their creativity to gain important life skills as they grow. Here are three tips to inspire their creativity and celebrate kids’ uniqueness. 

  1. Play with Physical Development Activities

Pre-schoolers and toddlers can already move their bodies. Therefore, they won’t need much inspiration to move and cooperate. Here’s a set of activities you can use to develop your kids’ motor skills:

  • Martial Arts: Martial arts is a great way to improve your kids’ strength in their legs and arms. Kicking, grappling, and punching are actions that will develop their core muscles. Moreover, it can help them in balancing their bodies.
  • Balloon Play: This activity can help improve a person’s motor skills because the balloon’s movement is unpredictable. As your children chase the balloon, they must zigzag, run, and jump in different directions. For a more organized balloon play, you may choose to play a volleyball game using the balloon.
  • Race: Racing is an activity that requires extreme physical movement, which may improve their creativity and stamina. Although running is the most popular racing activity, you can pick different ways to race, such as:
  • Crab walk 
  • Jump rope 
  • Egg-and-spoon 
  • Three-legged 
  • Water relay
  • Sports: Playing sports activities develop your children’s emotional intelligence, socialization, and problem-solving skills. Being involved in sports teaches teamwork lessons, which will give them a sense of belongingness. Here are fifteen interesting

Activities for kids:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Climbing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

A survey from The Sport Digest, a sports-related news blog, found out that sports experience is beneficial for children. The research revealed that sports participation develops a child’s respect for their body. Therefore, their self-respect contributes to increased self-confidence.

Higher self-esteem leads to lesser social anxiety. Thus, active children will develop better social skills that may help them face challenges.

  1. Play with Problem Solving Activities

Research conducted by ‘Behavior and Research Therapy’ reveals that children who lack problem-solving skills may be at risk of depression. Therefore, teaching your child problem-solving skills may improve their mental health, critical thinking skills, and creativity. 

Here are six activities to develop your children’s problem-solving skills:

  1. Solving a riddle.
  2. Studying a work of literature.
  3. Concluding science experiments.
  4. Working on mathematical problems.
  5. Answering questions from examination papers.
  6. Guiding them on mini home repairs.

Problem-solving skills are beneficial in child development. As they grow older, they will face higher-level challenges in their adulthood and workplace. Thus, it’s vital to develop these skills while they’re young.

  1. Nurture their Creativity

Every kid is special. All children have their own set of talents. However, most parents neglect their children’s potential because they lack time and interest.

Kids carry a lot of potentials when given enough opportunities to show them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to discover their abilities. Here are tips to unleash your child’s potential:

  • Observe early signs of potential: Your kids exhibit a lot of potentials. Therefore, you must create a list of their interests and abilities. 
  • Provide opportunities to explore their interests: Once a child shows signs of potential in a particular field, give them opportunities to find their passion. Here are some ways to hone their interests:
  • If your child sings, enrol them in a singing class.
  • If your child likes speaking, let them narrate their experiences.
  • If your child likes a specific sport, train them to learn the right techniques and rules to play the game.
  • Don’t be too critical: As your child explores their interests, you shouldn’t criticize too much. Allow your children to learn from their mistakes. Too much criticism may demotivate them in pursuing their interests.

A great way to unleash a child’s creativity is through discovery. You can lend them your smartphone and allow them to use its camera feature. Experimentation is a great way to find out their creative talent.

Key Takeaway

Harness your children’s potential by sending them to classes related to their interests. Although your kids’ interests may change over time, it’s still your responsibility as a parent to give them chances. Therefore, you must understand and motivate them to go after their creative interests.

Jean Smiths is an art and crafts specialist. Her passion allows her to create art and crafts and inspire people. She shares them through her social media accounts. She conducts webinars to help those who want to learn art and craft. Jean enjoys painting and capturing beautiful and interesting things around her.