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10 Of The Best Plants For Bathrooms

Are you looking for the best plants for bathrooms? We’re rounded up 10 of the best plants for bathrooms so read on to discover your perfect bathroom plant.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the easiest house plants to grow, even if you don?t have green fingers. Named for its spider like leaves, it comes in green or variegated varieties and can thrive in the bathroom. They love bright, indirect light but also cope well in cooler temperatures.

Size: Around 30cm
Watering: Water well but ensure good drainage


As a tropical flower, orchids are literally the perfect plant for any bathroom. The high levels of humidity mirror their natural environment and if you have underfloor heating in your bathroom that can really help your orchid to thrive. With so many colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, the possibilities are endless with orchids.

Size: Varies by varietal
Watering: Weekly in winter and twice a week in summer, but check your variety first


Another tropical plant that makes a great bathroom plant is the peperomia. They are quite tolerant of neglect, so if you?re prone to forgetting to water your indoor plants, they are a good choice. With bright coloured leaves, they need access medium to bright sunlight or artificial light to thrive. There are over a 1000 different species of peperomia, so we?re sure you can find one that would work in your bathroom.

Size: 15-45 cm depending on varietal
Watering: Well-drained soil, water weekly in a saucer of water and drain excess water away after 15 minutes

Mother In Law?s Tongue

Also known as the snake plant, this stunning looking plant can really brighten up your bathroom with some colour and style. They?re extremely hardy plants and need very little care, making them a great choice of indoor plant. They do prefer bigger pots so choose one at least 20cm in diameter. When they get too big, you can either propagate it or cut it back.

Size: Can grow up to 3m+
Watering: Water moderately in summer and less frequently in winter


Native to tropical rainforests, philodendrons take the form of either upright plants or climbing plants. With their heart-shaped, deep green leaves, they can be a very pretty addition to your bathroom. A very low maintenance plant, they can be ignored for long periods and still survive.

Size: They can get up to 1m high but twice as wide, so you need a bigger space for these plants
Watering: Only water when half the soil is dry

Peace Lily

As it doesn?t need large amounts of water or indeed sunlight, the peace lily is a great bathroom plant. With stunning foliage all year round and flowers that are long-lasting, they are one of the most popular bathroom plants in Australia.

Size: 20-60cm high on average
Watering: Keep soil moist, but not wet

Succulents & Cacti

Succulents make the ideal plants for bathrooms due to their hardy natures and low watering needs. While you might not need to water often, when you do water them, ensure they get a good drenching and then don?t water again until the soil is dry all the way through.

Size: Varies by varietal
Watering: Soak well and only water again when soil is completely dry


Ferns thrive in a moist environment so when it comes to plants for the bathroom, you?re onto a winner here. They can be planted in pots or hanging baskets and their beautiful fronds will add a touch of colour and texture to your bathroom.

Size: Up to 1m in height and width, but easily trimmed to your space
Watering: Moisten the soil daily (don?t overwater though) if the soil is dry and feed once a month

Chinese Evergreen

These plants love the humidity that a bathroom offers so make the ideal bathroom plant. Chinese evergreen also tolerate low light conditions so if your bathroom doesn?t get heaps of sunlight it could be the perfect plant for your home.

Size: Leaves can grow up to 30cm long and up to 8cm wide
Watering: Keep soil moist and reduce watering frequency during the winter months

African Violets

With their velvety leaves and brightly coloured flowers, African violets make a great addition to any bathroom. They prefer moderate, bright indoor light and shouldn?t be kept in direct sunlight during the summer months.

Size: Large plants can grow up to 40cm and smaller potted varietals can be around 20cm in diameter
Watering: Keep in a saucer, add water to the saucer and drain away any excess water after 45 minutes

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