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10 Egg-stra Fun Kids Activities for the Easter Break

10 Egg Ideas for the Easter Break | Northern Beaches Mums

You can make Easter a memorable one with a few holiday-specific activities that will have both the kids and you hopping for joy!

1. Celebrate with an Easter Egg Tree6

Who says trees are only for the festive period? Get the kids to decorate a sturdy indoor plant or outdoor tree with things like plastic Easter eggs, drawings of bunnies, and autumn decor such red or orange ribbons for everyone to admire.

2. Easter home movie day

Ask the kids to make tickets and arrange the lounge room like the ultimate cinema experience – let them spread out beanbags, cushions and blankets. Then set up some awesome DVD releases to go.

3. Get planting

As Easter symbolises rebirth, it’s a nice idea to get your kids to help you install some new plants in the garden. Choose things that are fast-growing, or buy flowers that are already in bloom so the kids can immediately admire their handywork.

4. Make chocolate fondue

If you’re wondering how on earth the kids are going to get through all that chocolate, get rid of the excess quickly by asking them to contribute some of their stash to a chocolate fondue pot. They can help you melt it down by stirring the eggs until they dissolve. Serve with pieces of fruit on cocktail sticks. At least it’ll encourage them eat a little fruit over the sugary sweet holidays!

5. Read Easter themed kids’ books

Even if your kids are a bit older, they’ll still love hearing you read a traditional Easter story out loud. There are quite a few around if you look online such as The Night Before Easter, The Bunny Who Found Easter and Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter. After reading, ask them to act out the story as a special Easter performance.

6. Make gift baskets

These are great for kids to give back when they receive eggs from grandparents, or else as a random act of kindness for an elderly neighbour. Things to include are Easter related drawings, a few small eggs with fun messages wrapped around them such as ‘You’re egg-cellent’ as well as some pretty flowers and branches from trees, to symbolise new beginnings.

7. Decorate real eggs

An oldie but a goodie. Prick the bottom and top of raw eggs in their shells gently and get kids to gently blow the contents out into a bowl. If there’s mess or a bit of waste, don’t fret, it’s all part of the fun! Once the eggs are empty, let the kids go wild with their imaginations, painting and decorating away.

8. Make brunch or lunch together

Unlike Christmas, quite often families don’t have Easter traditions they uphold. Start a new tradition by getting your kids involved in some Easter baking or dessert making and serve up the delicious results. Make something easy with them like no-bake cheesecake or easy hot-cross buns.

9. Have an egg and spoon Olympics

These races date back to the 1800s and are a great traditional game to play at this time. The best eggs are some hard-boiled ones you’ve already prepared (perhaps get the kids to decorate them as well to add to the theme). Do a number of races such as individuals, relay-style and ones with obstacle courses.