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Working out with kids

As a Victorian in the middle of my second lockdown with the kids, I’ve definitely been experimenting with Snez to find what works best when it comes to working out at home with kids.

Of course, it can be challenging, especially when your kids are young, but it is a must. We need it more than ever. Our kids need it too and moving with them and in front of them is setting a great example of a physical lifestyle.

With three beautiful girls ranging from one to fifteen, I know that three different groups brings different challenges and opportunities so hopefully these tips can help some of you too.

If you?ve got a baby or toddler there are 2 options:

  1. Workout while they are sleeping Even if you can only get through half your workout, this could be a good solution but I know this is often easier said than done.
  2. Involve them Here are some exercises you can do where you can hold your bub safely as resistance or have them on the floor with you.

Little Charlie gets heavier. I get stronger. It sounds simple but it absolutely true. Training with your growing bub in your arms is the perfect example of progressive resistance.

If you have a little bub, give these a try:

  • Baby Cuddle Squats (20) (or add a press in the air for some extra shoulder and tricep work)
  • Pushup and Kiss (kiss them on the forehead with each push-up, Willow loved this) (10 reps)
  • Plank (next to your baby) (60 seconds)
  • Alternating Lunges holding your baby (30)

Kids 3/4 up:

Three words… MAKE IT FUN. Kids love to join in with mum and dad so make it a game, an adventure, a challenge (not a workout)? it?s all about getting creative. Don?t be afraid to think outside the box. Dancing to their favourite songs, novelty games, treasure hunts or my favourite- the dice game. All you need is a dice to roll. Roll the dice and one equals 5 push-ups, 2 equals 5 star jumps and rolling a 6 might mean your child gets to choose what mum and dad does (fingers crossed It?s not burpees). You and the kids can choose what each number means before you start. It?s a really fun way to get them involved and is a great bonding experience for the whole family.


Teenagers are a completely different story. Often if you push, they?ll just push back and no-one wins. They?re isolated from their friends and sporting activities and teams but luckily many of them are very tech savvy. You could try getting them involved with workout apps, Youtube workouts or virtual workouts with friends. Eve and I got smart watches for running and I know that she absolutely loves sharing her runs with her friends. They use it for motivation and accountability with each other.

Remember, kids are like sponges. Lead by example and be a ?do as I do? not ?do as I say? parent. As stressful and, frankly, bizarre as things are right now, there?s no better time to get moving together and build healthy habits as a family.