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Why Stopping Your Diet is the Best Thing You Could do to Finally Lose Weight – For Good!

Are you are chronic dieter who cannot wishes they could finally lose the weight and get their pre- baby body back, for good?

I am here to share something different.

Because diets don?t work.

Diets are by definition short term restriction from eating. You restrict yourself from eating what you desire from a place of scarcity. You use will power to stop yourself from eating that chocolate, cookies, pasta? And eventually you CAVE IN! You give up and enjoy life. Until you start all over again.

Will power is not sustainable. That?s why diets DON?T work.

Do you ever eat MORE when you decide to go on a diet? This is because you become hyper focused on what you CANNOT eat. You then create an anxiety around not eating that food. The only thing that relieves that anxiety, is EATING.

There is an alternative.

It?s possible to change your relationship with your body so you can decide on purpose what you want to eat and why from a place of abundance. It?s possible to change your mindset around food and completely give up dieting. It?s possible to do all this and stop using will power.

The thing that will bring about this change, is your mindset. It?s time to give up your dieting mindset, and replace it with a mindset that is sustainable.

You can start by imagining what life would look like if you ate in a manner that was achievable to maintain. What would that look like? Start there. Tell yourself that it?s enough for now.

I want to offer you some ways that you can start changing your mindset. If you want to write this down, go ahead. Thinking about these things is powerful!

Think about how you would be different if you decided FUEL your body with food instead of using food of entertainment.

Think about the 90 year old you who hasn?t struggled with her weight for decades now. Imagine she is looking at you now with compassion, what would she say? What advice would she give you?

Just doing this activity of imagining and thinking is changing your mindset. You are becoming a different person. It?s possible you are becoming someone who simply doesn?t need to diet.


Nicky Hammond is a local mum and a certified weight and life coach. She is passionate about helping women who have tried everything to lose weight, finally get their pre baby body back for good, so they can feel healthier, sexier and more confident. She helps mums show up as their best selves in their own lives and in the lives of the people they love, without actually doing more.